Cure18 Best CB6 Vacuum Cupping Set of 6


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Cure18 CB6 Vacuum Cupping Set of 6

Easy to use | Disposable (one time use) and sterile | Inexpensive | Self-Suction Cups | These cups are made from plastic and there is a handle of rubber attached to the top of the cup; or a top rotator to apply suction these cups are used for dry cupping in children and old people

Limit suction power; you can do only light and medium dry cupping by it.

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Cure18 CB6 Vacuum Cupping Set of 6
It is made from clear plastic material with a valve attached to the top used with manual or automatic vacuum apparatus

Type Vacuum Cupping | Number Of Cups 6 | Size 26 x 14 x 9


1 review for Cure18 Best CB6 Vacuum Cupping Set of 6

  1. Dr. Dinesh Singla

    Overall it is perfectly applied on head as it is instructed. for cutting I used blood sugar testing machine pin which is generally made for. if you have very rich hair u can’t use directly because cupping won’t hold. for this you may use hair cream and then try. it will easily hold and then pump blood as it is for..

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