Cure18 Self Massage Wooden Karela Therapy Tool For Hand Legs

Wooden acupressure tools have rounded-off edges which applying force to the pressure points without hurting the skin and muscles. colors means light variable



Cure18 Self Massage Wooden Karela Therapy Tool For Hand Legs

Cure18 Present wooden karela therapy Acupressure is an ancient art that is used for healing purposes without having medicines. This Product helps in maintains blood pressure. Handicrafts Wooden Acupressure Massager.

A natural traditional method to relieve pain by applying the pointed pressure is called acupressure. All the body parts are linked to hands, so applying pressure in the hand cures whole-body ailments.

This tool will help you stay healthy & fit at home. Wooden acupressure massager is made with a Single spiked roller placed between both the hands and with a to-and-fro movement applies pressure on the full hand.

For special points of your Hands, Foot, and Body. Roll in your hands for 5 to 10 minutes daily. Best for the middle part of the palm & finger relaxation.

Stimulates acupressure points activates blood circulation, tiredness, freshness, effective in shoulder pain & total health


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