Cure18 Vacuum Magnetic Suction Cup Moxibustion Cupping Set Health


MOQ 1 Piece
Size 15*15*7cm
Usage Hospital, Clinical, Personal
Material Plastic
Packaging Type Box
Application Commercial


Care for Beauty Salon and FamilyCure18 Vacuum Magnetic Suction Cup

It’s so simple, convenient, safe & effective!!!
NO Skin pricking | NO Acupoint Searching | Self-treatment of diseases | Safe and Effective

HACI Magnetic Acupressure Suction Cups (MASC) consists of the filling components: Negative pressurized bag, air way of the bag, magnetic cup tip, transparent tube, polar mark, trapezoidal magnetic yoke, protective cup neck etc.

The magnetic cup tip is made from rare-earth permanent magnet alloy with surface magnetic field >=250mT. The magnetic line penetrates human body from 6-9cm, equal to the depth of traditional acupuncture and moxibustion. Meanwhile, you just flatten the pressurized bag and put the Cup on the skin, then release the fingers and the MASC could be fixed on body without pricking skin.

People can acupuncture with several or dozens of the cups at one time, stimulating acupoints same as by many needles simultaneously in tradition acupuncture and moxibustion.

MASC can treat: Scapulohumeral periathritis Lumbago Cervical spondylotic syndrome Rheumatoid arthritis impotence and prospermia Nephritis prostatitis Dysmenorrhea and Menstrual Disorder Mastadenitis Apoplexy sequelae ( lower limbs) Hypertension Hyperlipemia Diabetes Coronary Heart Diseases Gastritis and Gastric Ulcer Bronchitis Asthma Headache and Insomnia Toothache

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