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Current Affairs Question Bank ( English| 4th Edition) | UPSC | Civil Services Prelim | State Administrative. The most significant part of the Civil Services examination and all other competitive examinations is current affairs. This book provides readers with comprehensive coverage of recent events preparing for the UPSC Prelims and Mains in 2021

Summary Current Affairs Question Bank

This book includes Current Affairs MCQs for Prelims 2022 divided by Level of Difficulty and Fact Files to improve comprehension and provide practice. The book consists of high-quality practice questions covering current themes and progress from easy to challenging

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Important Characteristics:

Monthly Current Affair Fact Files developed specifically for Prelims from January 2022 onwards
Questions on current analytical and analytical events explicitly created for the Mains test.
Questions aligned with the most recent UPSC Civil Services standard and examination format.
Emphasis on application-based questions that assess the learner’s.
Understanding of several subjects examined by the UPSC examination
The only book that covers all of the questions and categorizes them by difficulty level.
The difficulty level of the questions allows pupils to obtain an advantage over their competition.

The difficulty level of the questions allows pupils to obtain an advantage over their competition by focusing their revising efforts.

Release Date Current Affairs Question Bank | UPSC
Book Name😕 ? ?Current Affairs Question Bank | UPSC
Publisher:McGraw Hill; Fourth edition?
Publishing Date(30 March 2022)
Language :English

About Author: Current Affairs Question Bank ( English| 4th Edition)

Pavneet Singh is a Vajiram and Ravi IAS Institute professor in New Delhi. For almost a decade, he has been teaching Civil Service hopefuls about International Relations and Security Issues. He is also the author of the best-selling Civil Services Exam book on International Relations.

Conclusion: Civil Services Prelim | State Administrative

If you’ve taken his current affairs classes at Unacademy, you’ll know that this book allows you to practice questions from the previous two years’ current events. The questions are built on backward linkages and appear static, but if you grasp what he means by backward linkages, you’ll see why they’re there. This is a good practice book.

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