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Data Quality Fundamentals Pdf. Do your product dashboards have a unique design? Is it time to update your quarterly reports? Is the dataset you’re utilizing corrupted or simply incorrect? These issues affect nearly every team, yet they’re normally dealt with ad hoc and reactive. This book would be for you if you responded yes to any questions above.

Data Quality Fundamentals Summary

Nowadays, many data engineering teams are dealing with the challenge of “excellent pipelines, terrible data.” If the data you’re piping is faulty, it doesn’t matter how advanced your data architecture is. Barr Moses, Lior Gavish, and Molly Vorwerk of Monte Carlo demonstrate how to manage data quality and trust at scale by utilizing best practices and technology used by some of the world’s most innovative companies in this book

The Lords of Easy Money

Increase the trustworthiness and reliability of your data pipelines. With data observability, write scripts to do data checks and identify malfunctioning pipelines. Create your data quality monitors from the ground up. Develop and lead your company’s data quality activities.

Create a dashboard to showcase your company’s most important data assets.?Create data lineage graphs. Automatically throughout your whole data environment.?Create anomaly detectors for your mission-critical data.

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Book Name:What Are Data Fundamentals
Publisher:O’Reilly Media; 1st edition
Publishing Date(October 18, 2022)
Language :English

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Monte Carlo’s CEO and co-founder, Barr Moses, is a data reliability company. Barr’s ten-year career in data has included positions as commander of an Israeli Air Force data intelligence unit, consultant at Bain & Company, and VP of Operations at Gainsight.

She established and supervised the company’s data and analytics team. Barr has worked with hundreds of data teams battling these issues as the instructor of O’Reilly’s first course on Data Observability, an emerging discipline in data engineering.

Conclusion: Data Quality Fundamentals

O’Reilly’s purpose is to transform the world by disseminating innovators’ knowledge. We’ve been inspiring organizations and individuals to try new things (and do them better) for over 40 years by offering the required skills and expertise..

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