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Deep Learning in Quantitative Finance Pdf Free Book Download. Deep learning, or the usage of deep neural networks, is one of the most popular subjects among quantitative analysts. This book covers deep understanding in-depth and its numerous applications in mainstream quantitative finance

Summary Deep Learning in Quantitative Finance

Before moving on to more complex topics like CNNs, RNNs, autoencoders, generative models, and deep reinforcement learning, the book covers the fundamentals of neural networks, such as feedforward networks, optimization, and training and regularisation approaches.

The Lords of Easy Money

Tensorflow and Pytorch, both are the most powerful software frameworks, are presented and discussed, along with a few more. The book then moves on to the most recent deep learning research in quantitative finance, such as approximating derivative values, high dimensional PDE solvers and BSDEs, volatility models and model calibration.

Credit curve mapping for XVA, generating real market data, order book management, and reinforcement learning hedging. The book finishes by examining quantum deep learning’s potential and the larger implications of deep understanding for quantitative finance and analysts.

Release Date Deep Learning in Quantitative Finance (Wiley Finance)

Book Name:     Deep Learning in Quantitative Finance (Wiley Finance)
Publisher:Wiley; 1st edition 
Publishing Date (October 31, 2022)
Language :English
ISBN :‎9781119685241
Pages400 pages

About Author: What Is Deep Learning

By Andrew Green

Conclusion: Deep Learning for Sequences in Quantitative Finance

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