Digital Transformation and Customer Experience – 2022


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How to Succeed in the Digital Economy Through Digital Transformation and Customer Experience. Delivering on digital transformation and customer experience improvement has become very vital in recent years, as we now live in the digital economy.

Digital technology is changing the way people do things, deal with customers and obtain services. To win in this digital race, organizations must use technology to solve customer problems and improve their experience.

Many organizations fail to realize the digital transformation and customer experience benefits and take advantage of the digital economy, except firms such as Amazon and Google. The author argues that they fail to utilize the most valuable techniques and material available, which this book helps to remedy.

Description: Customer Experience and Digital Transformation

This book offers key information and knowledge on how digital transformation and customer experience can help transform organizational outcomes in the digital economy. It provides important insight, frameworks, and advice on how to perform digital transformation and customer experience improvement, relating to data analytics, security risk, DevOps, Internet of Things (IoT).

Artificial Intelligence (AI), and improving customer relationships and business performance. The book contains best practices and reflects leading-edge thinking and developments in the business and digital space. It shows how digital transformation and customer experience enable organizations.

To benefit from data analytics, digital marketing, agile method and cloud, better user experience, automation, innovation, and reduced cybersecurity risk and achieve better results. These are critical following the Covid-19 pandemic, when digital technology, remote working, and e-commerce are playing major roles.

In the new economy, companies want to use digital technology to beat the competition and improve profit. The book gives readers an understanding of technologies driving digital transformation and customer experience, and of how to seize opportunities and succeed in the growing digital economy.

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About the Author: Digital Transformation and Customer Experience

Cajetan Mbama is well-versed and experienced in digital transformation and customer experience improvement. He has an MSc in Information Technology, MPhil in using Digital Technology to improve organizations, and a Ph.D. in Digital Banking, Customer Experience, and Financial performance.

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Product details – Digital Transformation and Customer Experience

  • Publisher ? : ? IndigoListPress (January 1, 2022)
  • ISBN-10 ? : ? 1838491511
  • ISBN-13 ? : ? 978-1838491512

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Conclusion: Digital Transformation and Customer Experience

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