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Do EPIC Shit Free Download By Ankur WarikooAnkur Warikoo is an entrepreneur and his famous book epic shit content creator whose deep, witty, and brutally honest thoughts on success and failure, money and investing, self-awareness, and personal relationships have made him one of India’s top personal brands.

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Do EPIC Shit Free Download Summary

Do epic shit In his first book, Ankur puts together the key ideas that have fuelled his journey ? one that began with him wanting to be a space engineer and ended with him creating content that has been seen and read by millions.

is thoughts range from the importance of creating habits for long-term success to the foundations of money management, from embracing and accepting failure to the real truth about learning empathy.

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This is a book to be read, and reread, a book whose lines you will underline and think about, again and again, a book you will give your family and friends and strangers. Ankur hopes for this book to become the most gifted book ever!

Author: Do Epic Shitt Book Pdf

Ankur Warikoo is a mentor, entrepreneur, teacher, and content developer. From its beginning in 2015 till 2019, Ankur was the CEO of nearbuy.com. Ankur was previously the founder and CEO of Groupon’s India operation. He now spends his time writing content, teaching online, and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Book Name:Do EPIC Shit
Release Date:(27 December 2021)
Language :English
File Size: Page 312 pages

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Do Epic Shit (Tamil Edition)


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Conclusion: Do Epic Shit Epub

Dear Reader this is the best book Written By Famous Writer Ankur Warikoo. You Must read this book and Read the best motivation trick and Enjoy your life journey. This Good book was so relatable and really helpful for me. 

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