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Origin: A Genetic History of the Americas tells the tale of who the first peoples in the Americas were, how and why they crossed the Atlantic, how and why they moved south, and how they lived, using a new and powerful type of evidence: their whole genomes.

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A Genetic History of the Americas Summary

ORIGIN gives a broad review of these new histories from North and South America and a look at how genetics can provide information about human history and evolution.

People crossed a large land bridge from Siberia to Western Alaska 20,000 years ago and subsequently dispersed southward into what is now known as the Americas. Until we travel to other worlds, this is the last time our species has colonized a completely new environment, and it has piqued our interest and sparked debate.

There are no written records, and there is little archaeological evidence to tell us what happened or how it transpired. Many other ideas have been developed to explain how the Americas were populated and what happened for thousands of years.

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ORIGIN is a historical and contemporary investigation into how genetics is currently being utilized to generate myths that significantly impact Indigenous peoples in the Americas. It serves as a primer for anyone interested in how genetics has gotten intertwined with identity in society’s response to the question, “Who is indigenous?”

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Origin: A Genetic History of the Americas Details

Book Name:Origin: A Genetic History of the Americas
Publishing Date(February 8, 2022)
Language :English
File Size: / Pages368 pages

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About Author: Origin: A Genetic History of the Americas Download

Jennifer Raff is a University of Kansas Assistant Professor of Anthropology with a dual Ph.D. in anthropology and genetics and over fourteen years of expertise analyzing ancient and modern human DNA from the Americas.

She has been writing about scientific literacy and anthropological research for several years at her website, Violent Metaphors, The Guardian, HuffPost, and Evolution Institute blogs. She has been writing a monthly piece for Forbes on developing genetics and archaeological research since 2019.

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Conclusion: Origin: A Genetic History of the Americas

It is impossible to separate social and genetic history. ORIGIN also examines the settlers’ changing cultural myths, which shape and are shaped by their scientific discoveries.

This is an essential book for people interested in popular genetics but unaware of how much research is based on colonial plunder and how Indigenous peoples fight to improve science.

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