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Food Isn’t Medicine Joshua Wolrich Download PDF. No, no, and absolutely not. It’s all that Dr. Joshua Wolrich defines as ‘nutribollocks’ and he is on a mission to set the record straight.

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He believes that every one of us deserves to have a joyful, healthy relationship with food and with our bodies as an NHS doctor who has personal knowledge of how harmful diets can be. His message is clear: we must battle weight stigma, expose diet culture’s illusions, and give ourselves permission to eat anything we want.

Food Isn’t Medicine delves into nutritional research (both good and bad) to debunk some of the most frequent diet fallacies that many of us take for granted. This book will be a tremendous wake-up call if you’ve ever wondered whether you should stop eating sugar, try fasting, juicing, or ‘alkaline water,’ or suffer through diet after diet (none of which seem to work).

It not only frees us from the damaging assumption that weight defines health but also teaches us how to recognize the disinformation we are inundated with every day, based on the most recent research and given with a dash of comedy.

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Dr. Joshua Wolrich is an NHS surgical trainee and nutrition MSc student who is not only correcting false nutrition advice but also aggressively fighting weight stigma and campaigning for healthcare to become weight-inclusive, spreading the message through his podcasts and his 350K+ online followers.

He practices Health at Every Size® and encourages his patients to have a positive relationship with their bodies and food.

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Book Name :Food Isn’t Medicine Audiobook
Author of BookDr. Joshua Wolrich
Language WrittenEnglish
Genre NameHigher & Continuing Education
Pages Available304
Publisher NameVermilion (April 15, 2021)
File Type of BookPDF & EPUB / Paperback / Audiobook

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