Free Speech A History from Socrates to Social Media


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Free Speech A History from Socrates to Social Media is the foundation of democracy, and it is sometimes referred to as the “first freedom.” However, it is a difficult principle to uphold in turbulent times, and it is currently on the decline in democracies and authoritarian nations worldwide.

Free Speech Summary

Jacob Mchangama’s book Free Speech recounts this concept’s fascinating legal, political, and cultural history. Mchangama reveals how the free exchange of ideas underpins all intellectual achievement and has enabled the advancement of both freedom and equality.

Worldwide through compelling stories of free speech’s many defenders?from ancient Athenian orator Demosthenes ninth-century freethinker al-Rz to anti-lynching crusader Ida B. Wells and modern-day digital activists. Yet, he analyses how even its defenders might be dragged down this path when the development of new and contrarian voices challenges power and privilege of all kinds.

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Free Speech is a well-researched and empathetic book that shows how much we have gained from this principle?and how much we now stand to lose.

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Free Speech A History Release Date

Book Name:Free Speech A History from Socrates to Social Media
Publisher:Basic Books?
Publishing Date(February 8, 2022)
Language :English
File Size: / Pages528

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About Author: Free Speech A History from Socrates to Social Media

Jacob Mchangama is the founder and executive director of the Danish think tank Justitia and the host of the Clear and Present Danger: A History of Free Speech podcast. His articles on free expression have featured in publications such as the Economist, Washington Post, Foreign Policy, and others. He is a resident of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Conclusion: Free Speech Review

Jacob Mchangama’s panoramic examination of the history of free speech provides a colorful, highly accessible explanation of how today’s most heated debates over free speech reflect tensions and impulses that date back to the dawn of time.

Mchangama deftly debunks the repeated arguments, made in every era and technological evolution, that unforeseen new threats necessitate increased speech restrictions. This essential work is a must-read for both proponents of free speech and those who believe that free speech should or must be traded away to advance other public values.

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