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Hard Pivot Embrace Change Find Purpose Show Up Fully Epub. A hard pivot is an abrupt change of direction in speed skating that demands courage, practice, and split-second timing. The terrifying hard pivot of Apolo Ohno’s life occurred not on the ice but rather when he had to put down his skates for good.

Hard Pivot Summary

I felt confused, vulnerable, and adrift without purpose after my final Olympics,” he recalls. “However, it was at that point that I understood my experiences had provided me with something far more significant than medals and memories.” I had the skills I needed to change my life for the better, and most importantly, these were tools that anyone could use.

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Apolo mixes practical advice, personal experiences, and profound insights from the psychology of success into Hard Pivot, a resource to help you navigate difficult times. He condenses his most important lessons and tools into the Five Golden Principles:

? Gratitude: A daily practice to help you maintain perspective, cultivate empathy, and alleviate stress
? Giving: How to elevate your life’s purpose by offering your time, attention, and resources to others
? Grit: Exercises to build mental stamina, resilience, and toughness to persevere through hard times
? Gearing Up: Ways to prepare yourself to meet the unknown with flexibility and grace
? Go: Develop the courage to take risks, learn from success and failure, and come back stronger

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The hardest part of letting go of what was familiar and solid when life significantly changes, whether by choice or circumstance, is typically letting go of what was comfortable and stable. On the other hand, Apolo provides the tools and motivation to construct a new life that is full of greater purpose, wisdom, and joy in Hard Pivot.

He writes, “You can trust yourself.” “You can lean into the curve, gain momentum, and accelerate along the path to success.” You might even discover that you’re having the most fun you’ve ever had at that critical moment. You’re in the zone. You’re having the time of your life. And you’re the one who’s winning.”

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Publishing Date(February 22, 2022)
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Apolo Apolo Apolo Apolo In speed skating, Anton Ohno won eight Olympic medals, making him the most decorated US Winter Olympian of all time, a mark he still retains. He continues to adapt his performance mindset and use his experiences to teach and inspire others as a cross-industry entrepreneur, successful sports broadcaster, television personality, and New York Times bestselling author.

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Conclusion: THard Pivot Embrace Change Review

All transitions are complex, and Apolo Ohno reminds us that it is only through difficulty that we may progress. That we can choose who we are and who we want to be. Through his honesty and humility, he demonstrates in Hard Pivot that we are not defined by a single name, person, or profession.

We may be many things. In any season of transition, Apolo’s refreshing perspective on the unknown, taking risks, and having the guts to do so will inspire and relate to people from all walks of life.

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