Hot New Releases in Twins & Multiples Parenting


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1. Hot New Releases Quadruplets: A Love Story By Janna Wagner



Janna Wagner receives the surprising news that she will be the mother of multiples after three painful miscarriages. Janna takes you on an interesting and uplifting trip from the time she first met her husband until the time her boys graduate from high school in Quadruplets.

“Oh my god, I could never handle four infants at once!” you might think. “How did she accomplish it?” you might wonder. You’ll see how Janna handled every problem (and there were a lot of them) with elegance, resourcefulness, and boundless creativity in these pages.

Nothing and no one can stop Janna from devising techniques that work for her particular family, whether it’s constructing a custom-made feeding system or devising a plan for protection and discipline. Janna raises her two sons with the help of her husband, her religion, and her intuition in both good and bad times.

About the Author: Quadruplets

Janna Wagner is a mother of four children, a professional musician, a retired high school math teacher, and a devout Christian. She has a bachelor’s degree in music and a master’s degree in special education. She has taught kindergarten through 12th grade for the past 20 years.

Wagner’s School of Music, which provides group piano programs for children ages 6 to 18, was created by her and her husband, Larry. In San Diego County, there are now three locations.


2. Hot New Releases The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent Volume-4



Sei has finally figured out how to control the Saint’s power within her…which means it’s time to use it. She must purify Klausner’s Domain’s woodlands, or her new friends will never know peace and wealth again.

Sei’s first journey into the depths of the forest, however, nearly ends in disaster. While she and the knights await reinforcements from the city, Sei must consider the possibility that the Saint’s magic is insufficient. What must she be willing to give up to save the Klausner people?

About the Author: The Saint’s Magic Power

Yuka Tachibana is a Japanese author well known for her novel The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent. Yasuyuki Syuri is a Japanese illustrator best known for his work on The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent, a light novel series.


3. Hot New Releases Family Comforts: Simple, Heartwarming Food to Enjoy Together



Discover delicious breakfasts, simple snacks, and midweek meal ideas that can be cooked in minutes. For huge smiles and full tummies, enjoy simple home-cooked food, delectable bakes, and family goodies.

Family Comforts is the ideal comfort cookbook and baby-led weaning book in one, taking the stress off of mealtimes by just preparing once with foods that are suitable for babies but also attractive to older siblings and adults.

With hidden-vegetable heroes and warming slow-cooker meals for busy parents and caregivers, Rebecca Wilson’s recipes deliver huge tastes with minimal work all year long for even the hardest critics at the table.

About the Author: Family Comforts

Rebecca Wilson is the creator of the renowned cooking channel What Mummy Makes, as well as a mother and recipe developer. Rebecca aims to demonstrate to parents and carers that introducing solid meals can be fun and, most importantly, tasty by sharing her quick, easy, and fresh meal ideas that are ideal for the whole family, including babies approaching the weaning milestone as well as older siblings.

Rebecca was named to the Mother & Baby ‘Mum List 2020’ and awarded Gold in the Weaning Week Awards 2020 for Best Instagram Accounts To Follow. Her debut book, What Mummy Makes, was a Sunday Times Best Seller, awarded Wordery’s Cookbook of the Year in 2020, earned Gold in the Made for Mum Awards in 2021, and was nominated for a British Book Award in 2021.


4. Hot New Releases Light Years from Home: a Novel


Kass Shao and Evie Shao have a strained relationship. Their father and brother vanished fifteen years ago while on a family camping trip. Days later, their father showed up, dehydrated and bewildered, certain he’d been taken by aliens. Jakob, their brother, was still missing.

Women handled it in totally different ways. Kass, who assumed her college-dropout sibling had simply vanished, became the family’s rock. Evie quit her job as a professor to explore alien conspiracy theories, always on the lookout for Jakob.

When Evie’s UFO network discovers a new occurrence, she investigates it. And he discovers that Jakob has returned. He’s different now—older, stranger, and talking about an interstellar war—but the siblings’ rivalry hasn’t changed.

If the family wants to come together to save Jakob, Kass and Evie must resolve their differences as soon as possible. Because Jakob is being pursued by the FBI, and if their brother is telling the truth.


About the Author: Light Years from Home

Mike Chen has always been a writer, from writing fan fiction as a child to earning money with words as an adult. He’s written for major geek publications (The Mary Sue, The Portal, Tor) and has covered the NHL for mainstream media.

Mike, a member of SFWA and Codex Writers, resides in the Bay Area with his wife, kid, and rescue animals, where he can be found playing video games.


5. Hot New Releases Yuzu the Pet Vet 7



Meet 11-year-old Yuzu’s new fluffy buddies at her animal hospital! Watch Yuzu deal with challenges like bullying, animal care, and accepting illness and funerals of pets and family in an engaging and cutely designed cartoon.


Ikuko returns to the family farm due to a life-or-death situation! A girl’s hate of her own name puts her cute puppy in jeopardy! Love is better than beauty, as a young artist and his cat learn! A barking dog gradually regains trust in humans! You won’t want to miss the dramatic climax of the elementary school arc!

About the Author: Yuzu the Pet Vet 7

Mingo Itou began her career as a manga artist in 2008, and her first work translated into English, Yuzu the Pet Vet, was serialized in 2016.



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