How to Do Legal Research Online: How to Find and Understand the Law

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How to Do Legal Research Online: How to Find and Understand the Law. Finding and obtaining the laws you need to read can be difficult if you’re a paralegal, law student, legal assistant, journalist, or layperson looking for information in a real or virtual law library. Turn to Legal Research for a step-by-step guide to finding answers and getting results.

Sumamry How to Research Legal Cases

Attorneys Elias and Levinkind explain how to: in straightforward, readable English, with plenty of examples and directions. This book is a fantastic primer on the often obscure area of legal research. It is concise and clear, but it is not lacking. Unfortunately, the only way to improve your legal research skills is to do it frequently.

It takes practice to perfect your techniques, just like any other ability. This well-written volume is an excellent place to begin. I appreciate how it goes out of its way to explain the “shakiness” of the internet as a legal research tool.

The book is aimed at laypeople who want to do their legal research. However, I would advise law students and young lawyers to read the book. Legal research (your most useful ability) and clinical practice take a second seat when you’re in law school, neck-deep in substantive law and theory.

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Many law schools and paralegal programs have embraced this easy-to-use and comprehend book as a text. The 15th edition has been simplified to make it more understandable, and it also includes a new section on using legal research tools on the internet.

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How to Do Legal Research Online: How to Find and Understand the Law

Publisher:Nolo Press; 15th edition 
Publishing Date(September 3, 2009)
Language :English
ISBN :9781413310528
File Size: / Pages386

About Author: How to Do Legal Research

Stephen R. Elias is the current President of the National Bankruptcy Law Project and an attorney and former associate publisher at Nolo. He’s written several Nolo books, most notably The New Bankruptcy. Special Needs Trusts and How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy are two such titles. 

He’s also one of the co-creators of Nolo’s popular WillMaker program. Steve earned his legal degree from Hastings College of Law and worked as a lawyer in California.

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Conclusion: How to Do Legal Research as a Paralegal

I recently completed a paralegal certification. Because I am a librarian and am interested in legal librarianship, I primarily studied paralegal. My classes included some legal studies, and I yearned for more. This book was fantastic.

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