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How to Do Patent Search Step by Step Free Pdf Download. Under the recently-adopted first-to-file regulations, Patent Searching Made Easy demonstrates how to assess the novelty of an idea and do patent searches for little or no expense.

How to Do a Patent Search Summary

It’s pointless to spend thousands of dollars on a patent application if someone else has already filed it with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. With this step-by-step guide outlining the online and offline process, you may now avoid paying hefty patent-searching costs.

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Quickly study any new concept to see if it has previously been patented, then choose the most acceptable keywords to describe your creation and narrow down your search.

Determine whether your innovation is innovative enough to qualify for a patent using the U.S. Patent Classification System, validate the patent status of ideas submitted to you (if you’re a developer), and use the most up-to-date federal and international search-related tools.

1.  Patents and Patent Searching

  • Patent Searching and Patent Eligibility
  • The Easy Part: Statutory Subject Matter and Usefulness
  • Novelty: Is Your Invention New?
  • Nonobviousness: Is Your Invention Obvious?
  • The Patent Document

2.  Understanding Patent Databases

  • How Information Is Entered Into the Database
  • Understanding Keyword Searching
  • What You Need to Search Patent Databases

Part II: Simple and Advanced Searching

3.  Patent Searching at the PTO Website

  • Simple Keyword Searches at the PTO’s Website
  • Searching the Manual of Classification
  • Search by Patent Number
  • Working With Patent Images
  • An Effective Strategy for Basic Patent Searches

4.  Advanced Search Techniques

  • How to Accomplish an Advanced Patent Search at the PTO Website
  • Searching Published Patent Applications at the PTO’s Website
  • Searching by CPC Codes

5.  Patent Searching at the EPO Website

  • Patent Searching at the EPO

6.  Patent Searching at the Google Website

  • Google Patent Search
  • New Google Patents

7.  Additional Sources of Prior Art

  • Google
  • The Thomas Register
  • Government Websites
  • Usenet Newsgroups
  • Trade Magazines, Books, and Stores

Part III: Resources

8.  Hitting the Books

  • Index to the U.S. Patent Classification System
  • Manual of Classification
  • Classification Definitions

9.  Using CASSIS

  • The CASSIS DVD Database
  • Welcome to CASSIS2
  • Additional CASSIS Features

Release Date Patent Searching Made Easy

Book Name:     How to Do a Patent Search on Google
Publisher:NOLO; Eighth edition 
Publishing Date(June 28, 2022)
Language :English
ISBN :‎9781413329698
Pages272 pages

About Author: How to Find a Patent

David Hitchcock is a physicist and engineer who has worked on various projects, including the MX missile, the Milstar satellite program, and advanced capability torpedoes, as a computer consultant. For several years, he has concentrated on patent research and new technology. The Home First Shield, a device to defend homes from wildfires, was invented by Alfred Hitchcock.

Conclusion: How to Do a Patent Search Yourself

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