Learn to Win Arguments and Succeed Part 2: (Mind Psychology Manipulation Freedom)


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Learn to Win Arguments and Succeed Part 2: 20 more Powerful Techniques to never lose an argument again (Mind Psychology Manipulation Freedom). Unfortunately, it is not taught in schools. Every day, the ordinary guy encounters at least 5-10 circumstances in which he is at odds with another.

Learn to Win Arguments and Succeed Summary

As a result, he’ll need to successfully argue to get his point through, his opinion or perception accepted, and his viewpoint enforced. The ability to debate successfully can mean the difference between success and failure. Have you ever disagreed with your parents, whom you like but want you to live your life on your terms rather than what your parents believe is best for you?

Have you ever had a fight with your spouse, whom you love and care about, but you believe they exert too much control over you and don’t allow you to do the things you enjoy? Have you ever gotten into a fight with your friends because they try to make fun of you and put you down in front of other people at parties or during discussions?

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Have you ever disagreed with your supervisor because they are irrational and unreasonable at times and abused power to undermine you and your ideas? Have you ever disagreed with your elders, such as your sister, brother, aunt, or uncle, whom you respect for their age and experience but don’t appreciate when it comes to making life, job, marriage, and other life-altering decisions?

Have you ever had a fight with your children, whom you love more than yourself but who use emotional blackmail on you? Have you ever had a disagreement with one of your employees that you adore but who is frequently swayed and instigated by outsiders and behaves irrationally?

Have you ever been in an argument with strangers who are nasty, hostile, and attack you with their illogical and absurd arguments in malls, buses, or other public places? Are you getting ready for your following job interview? Learn to Win Arguments and Succeed Pdf Free Download

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About Author: Learn to Win Arguments and Succeed

Vishal Gupta is a complex individual. He pursues his loves of photography, astrology, alternative health techniques, writing, and being a computer engineer and a criminal defense lawyer. Vishal Gupta’s desire to alter his and others’ lives with Newtonian ideals has always driven him to make a difference in every venture he has chosen to participate in.

Vishal discovered the great powers of Gratitude and Giving as a result of his spiritually inclined upbringing and specific life experiences, which influenced him to write books on Happiness, Health, and Life Skills. Having a solid belief in the goodness of love, life, and people.

Conclusion: How to Argue and Win Every Time Review

Learn to Win Arguments and Succeed: 20 Powerful Techniques to Never Lose an Argument Again, with Real-Life Examples is a book about how to win arguments and succeed. Vishal Gupta’s A Life Skill for Everyone.

There are twenty chapters in this ebook, and each chapter focuses on a single strategy in detail. You will find twenty tactics in this booklet that you may use to win a debate without creating a fuss.

The context of a human or event’s ‘Argument,’ in which both events defend and stand by their point of view, attempting to persuade the other side of their perspective or show how the alternative’s point of view isn’t always accurate.”

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