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Lincoln and the Fight for Peace John Avlon. A ground-breaking, revelatory account of Abraham Lincoln’s strategy for securing a just and lasting peace after the Civil War?a vision that influenced succeeding presidents as well as the world’s most famous peacemakers, including Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s a narrative about battle and peace, grace and forgiveness.

Lincoln and the Fight for Peace Summary

In the spring of 1865, as the Civil War’s tide began to turn, Abraham Lincoln embarked on a perilous two-week journey with his young son to visit the troops on the front lines, witnessing firsthand combat, meeting formerly enslaved people in the ruins of Richmond, and comforting wounded Union and Confederate soldiers.

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In the latter days of the war, the strength of Lincoln’s example paints a picture of a peacemaker. He did not demonize those with whom he disagreed. To depolarize vehement disputes, he employed humour, logic, and scripture. Lincoln believed that decency might be the most suitable kind of politics.

Balancing moral boldness with moderation, but he also realized that people were more inclined to listen to reason when greeted from a position of strength. Ulysses S. Grant’s famously liberal surrender terms to General Robert E. Lee at Appomattox in April of that year directly reflected the president’s opinion that a sweet peace should follow a short war.

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While Lincoln’s assassination threw the country off track, his vision would be justified long after his death, motivating future generations in their efforts to achieve a just and lasting peace. “I attempted to think of the kind of occupation the South would have had if Abraham Lincoln had lived,” US General Lucius Clay, architect of the post-WWII German occupation, remarked when asked what drove his judgments.

Lincoln and the Fight for Peace examines how Lincoln’s character influenced his acceptance of unconditional surrender and great peace. Even when surrounded by reactionaries and radicals throughout the Civil War, he refused to give up his idea that more that unites us than divides us.

But he also saw that peace must be fought with the same zeal as war. Lincoln’s plan to keep the peace is an unfinished symphony, but we can discover an anthem in its notes that can help us bridge our divides today.

Lincoln and the Fight for Peace Release Date

Book Name:Lincoln and the Fight for Peace John Avlon
Publisher:Simon & Schuster?
Publishing Date(February 15, 2022)
Language :English
File Size: / Pages368

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About Author: Lincoln and the Fight for Peace

CNN’s senior political analyst and the anchor is John Avlon. He is the author of Independent Nation, Wingnuts, and Washington’s Farewell, among other books. He was previously the editor-in-chief and managing director of The Daily Beast and the mayor of New York’s principal speechwriter after the 9/11 attacks. In New York, he lives with his wife Margaret Hoover and their two children.

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Conclusion: Lincoln and the Fight for Peace Review

I’ve long considered that CNN’s “Reality Check” segment with John Avalon provided some of the best analysis available today. This book is a “PhD” in that penetrating insight ? “Piled Higher and Deeper.” Avalon doesn’t just report the news.

He weaves history and current events into a web of inexorable logic. The book depicts both the triumph (Lincoln) and failure (Wilson and WWI) of cataclysmic international affairs and the reasons for their occurrence.

Avalon, bless his heart, still believes that America’s schisms may be reconciled. I’m hoping he’s correct. I worry he is incorrect, but Avalon explains what those who are attempting to defend civilization must-do for culture to triumph.

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