Mia Khalifa the Drama, Action, Love, Marriage

Once upon a time, there was a wise young man and an ignorant young man.
Both of the young men were married to ladies.
After a long day at work, the two return to their separate houses to find their partners lying down with another man.

Each woman is having sexual relations with a different man.

The woman, on the other hand, comes to a halt and exclaims in pain:

– I apologize, my dear. Please excuse me.

Mia Khalifa the Drama Summary

The smart young man accepts his wife’s forgiveness. That intelligent young man, I say, knew a thing or two about the heart.
Human humans commit up to seventy times seven blunders. Meanwhile, the oblivious young guy murders his wife and receives a ten-year sentence.

Five years later, the sensible young guy arrives home to find his wife in bed with another man, and she has duped him once more.
He ponders. The young guy understands that humans make mistakes, and he forgives his wife once more.
Following the events of the last episode, the wise young man is unable to sleep and laments alone.
Although late, the young man begins to suspect his wife and harasses, chases and shows her on the street in front of strangers and friends.
She knows he’s forgiven her before, so she sticks with him despite the lack of affection.

After five years, the woman deceives the intelligent young man once more, and he tracks her down and murders her.

Because he has already fulfilled his time, the naive young guy is being released from prison. The naive young man chose not to marry again because he wanted to take his time finding the proper woman this time.
The illiterate became educated.

The sage has been given a ten-year sentence. The smart young guy regrets trusting a woman and vows to never trust again.
Now, according to that young man’s opinion, all women are bitches.
The wise young guy loses his wisdom.

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