MTG NEET Biology PDF Download NEET 2023


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MTG NEET Biology PDF Download NEET 2023

NEET Biology PDF Download: This book is designed for the student who prepares for the exam of NEET. This book covers multiple MCQ Question Paper Syllabus of NCERT. The Writer Experience is about 15 years of teaching Biology to a high amount of students. The language of this book is very easy to understand for students.

Summary Ncert Fingertips Biology Pdf Free Download

The NEET Biology Power Revision book has been created specifically for NEET aspirants. It has MCQs from every page of the NCERT textbook. I feel obligated to share my knowledge after spending nearly 15 years teaching biology to millions of students.

The book is written in a clear and comprehensive manner. The questions are diverse, and this book will serve as a one-stop-shop for aspirants’ MCQ requirements.

This book covers the syllabus of classes 11 and 12 exclusively. Special efforts have been made to produce this book in order to supply students with quality questions on every subtopic of the chapter.

This book can be used to strengthen your concepts in biology and to check your progress and understanding of the chapter. 5000 plus questions are included covering all the concepts of classes 11 and 12

Feature of Book: MTG NEET Biology PDF Download NEET 2022

  • Every chapter includes questions in the form of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
  • Does every chapter include the last 25 years’ questions (PYQs) from AIIMS, NEET, AIPMT/CBSE PMT
  • All concepts of NCERT are covered from line to line in the form of MCQs
  • It includes NCERT figure-based questions
  • The questions are based on Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • The book includes a Mock test paper which is based on the latest pattern and blueprint of NEET 2021
  • All forms of MCQs are covered in this book like Match the columns, Assertion, and Reason, Fill in the blanks,
  • Statement-based questions and figure-based questions.

All possible efforts have been made to create an error-free book. Suggestions, queries, and feedback are always welcomed to further enhance the quality of the book.

A very special thanks to the publisher whose efforts went a long way in bringing out this book in such an excellent manner. We are confident that this book will help our students to improve their scores and qualify for the NEET examination.

About the Author: MTG NEET Biology Power Revision

MTG Education Board

Details NEET Biology PDF Download NEET 2023

Book Name:MTG NEET Biology PDF Download NEET 2022
Publisher:MTG Learning Media Pvt Ltd
Release Date:(14 January 2022)
Language :English
ISBN-10-13 : / ASIN978-9390931354-9390931354
Pages :524 pages

Conclusion: NEET Biology PDF Download

Thank You for Checking our Website, So Friends. We hope you download the book. If you are facing any problem related to this article, you can contact the given mail or ask thru the comment section. You can also look for another commentary on Book Review.

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