Music and Technology A Historical Encyclopedia By James E. Perone


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Music and Technology A Historical Encyclopedia By James E. Perone

Sumamry Music and Technology

Rather than focusing on technical and mechanical specifics, Music and Technology: A Historical Encyclopedia explores the sociological impact of technological innovations by highlighting their roles in society throughout time.

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This alphabetized encyclopedia of the most noteworthy examples of technological advances that have impacted music creation, production, dissemination, recording, and consumption will benefit students and music fans alike. The book also includes a timeline of significant events in the history of music and technology and sidebars on a number of notable musicians and innovators.

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Book Name:Music and Technology A Historical Encyclopedia By James E. Perone
Publishing Date(April 30, 2022)
Language :English
Size: Pages318

Tags : Technology Music

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Author A Historical Encyclopedia By James E. Perone

James E. Perone, Ph.D., is an emeritus professor of music at the University of Mount Union, Alliance, OH..

Conclusion: Technology Music

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