Mylab Covid 19 Rapid Test Kit | Covid Self Test Kit | Covid Self Test Kit Rapid Antigen Test |#Mylab

Mylab Covid 19 Rapid Test Kit | Covid Self Test Kit | Covid Self Test Kit Rapid Antigen Test |#Mylab

Kit Features

Intelligently Designed Tube

Filled with a solution that inactivates the virus and designed in the manner to control & contain biohazard

Unique QR Code For accurate report generation

Biohazard Bag Biohazard bag for easy & safe disposable

Safe Swab The swab is designed intelligently for biocontainment

Before You Test, Download Mylab CoviSelf App

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Mylab Covid 19 Rapid Test Kit | Covid Self Test Kit | Covid Self Test Kit Rapid Antigen Test |#Mylab

COVID-19 Rapid Antigen  Self Test Kit

India’s first COVID-19 test kit for self-use. Get your test results within 20 min from the comfort of your home. Get your report through the App.

  1. Easy to Use

  2. Result within 20 min

  3. Get your reports

A Day After the Indian Council for Medical Research (icmr) Issued Home Testing Guidelines, Pune-based Mylab Discovery Solutions on Thursday Announced India’s First Self-use Rapid Test ‘coviself’, Approved by Icmr. Issuing a Press Release, Each Coviself Test Kit Provided With All Testing Materials, Instructions to Use (Ifu) Leaflet and a Biohazard Bag to Safely Dispose of After Testing and Is Priced at Rs 250.

Mylab Was the Same Company That Had Developed India’s First Rtpcr Test a Year Ago. Mylab Produces First Self-use Rapid Covid Test “This Is the Biggest Crisis Our Country Has Ever Faced. Time and Again, We Have Tried to Observe Carefully What Our Country Needs and Developed Solutions With Social Benefit at the Core.

With Coviself, We Are Sharing the Power of Testing Early With the Citizens. It Will Save Thousands of Lives. For India, We Will Make Millions of Kits Available at Fraction of the Cost of Such Kits in the Us,“ Said Mylab Md Hasmukh Rawal. The Test Kit Will Be Priced at Rs 250 and Available in a Pack of One.

Mylab Current Production Capacity Is 70 Lakh Tests Per Week and Plans to Increase Its Capacity to 1 Crore Tests Per Week Within 14 Days. It Will Start Shipping Out Tests Within a Few Days, Stated the Press Release. ICMR Issues Home-testing Guidelines On Wednesday, Icmr Issued an Advisory for Covid-19 Home Testing Using Rapid Antigen Tests (Rats). As Per the Advisory Issued by Icmr, Home Testing Using Rats Is Advised Only in Symptomatic Individuals and Immediate Contacts of Laboratory-confirmed Positive Cases.

Icmr Also Warned That Indiscriminate Testing Is Not Advised and That the Covid Home Testing Should Be Conducted as Per the Procedure Described by the Manufacturer in the User Manual. Mylab Covid 19 Rapid Test Kit, Mylab, Mylab Coviself, Mylab Box Covid-19 At-Home Viral Detection Test, Mylabion D3 Forte Tablet Uses, Mylabion D3 Forte Tablet Uses In Hindi, Mylabion, Mylab Antigen Test Kit, Mylab Biotech Chemicals, Mylab Discovery Solutions, Mylab Pathocatch, Covid Self Test Kit India, Covid Self Test Kit India Online, Covid Self Test Kit India Price, Self Covid Test Kit At Home In India, Covid Self Test Kit, Covid Vaccine Registration In India, Covid 19, Covid 19 Symptoms, Covid India, Covid 19 Status Whatsapp

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