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Operational Risk Management in Bank PDF. This practical and authoritative guide will help you identify, assess, and minimize operational risk. Philippa Girling, an established risk executive and expert provides an intelligent and practical analysis of operational risk in enterprises of all sizes in the freshly revised second edition of Operational Risk Management: A Complete Guide for Banking and Fintech.

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She provides risk managers and executives with the tools, techniques, and best practices they need to minimize and conquer the ever-present operational risk concerns that plague businesses across the board.

This most recent edition includes the following:

Insight into how operational risk may be managed and monitored efficiently in today’s digital banking environment.
All components of the operational risk framework are updated with the most recent regulatory guidance on operational risk management needs.

Updates on the new Basel II operational risk capital modeling approach. In recent years, there have been new investigations into operational risk occurrences, such as the consequences of the global Covid-19 outbreak. Case studies from Wells Fargo, Credit Suisse, and Archegos Capital Management have been updated.

Operational Risk Management is ideal for executives, managers, business leaders, and risk and compliance professionals who want to improve their ability to detect, assess, mitigate, and control operational risk.

For many years, banks have used structured operational risk frameworks. Still, the banking industry’s digital revolution has introduced new concerns and newcomers who demand specific attention to manage their risks successfully. Modern risk executives and managers frequently struggle to reassure top executives at traditional financial institutions and financial technology firms that operational risks are adequately addressed.

Dr. Philippa Girling, a veteran operational risk leader, explores the evolution of the operational risk regulatory framework as it has responded to some of the most notorious risk events over the last decade in the thoroughly updated Second Edition of Operational Risk Management: A Complete Guide for Banking and Fintech. The book provides a new structure with actionable actions to achieve success.

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Book Name:Operational Risk Management in Bank PDF: (Wiley Finance)
Publisher:Wiley; 2nd edition?
Publishing Date(February 23, 2022)
Language :English

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For a Large/Complex Financial Institution, I developed my knowledge of Operational Risk Management. Philippa can provide particular instances relevant to her expertise as a Chief Risk Officer. This experience is highly beneficial to anyone looking to broaden their horizons and become more relevant in a rapidly changing market.

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