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Orthopedic Clinical Examination By Michael P. Reiman. Clinical Orthopedic Examination The Web Resource gives users the foundational knowledge they need to improve their ability to do systematic orthopaedic evaluations. Michael P. Reiman, well-known for his teaching, clinical practice, and research on orthopaedic assessment and treatment procedures, offers evidence-based guidance to the examination process for various body regions.

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The work uses a structured strategy to aid clinicians in analysing each client and condition, progressing from broad to specific. Specific components of the examination are presented in the same order throughout the text, ensuring repetition and increased consistency in learning. Early in the examination sequence, screenings are performed not just to evaluate whether an orthopaedic examination is necessary but also to rule out other potential pain producers, narrowing the scope of the examination

Orthopedic Clinical Examination promotes evidence-based practice and focuses on clinically relevant tests, rather than listing tests without respect for their clinical relevance, providing students and clinicians with the most appropriate testing alternatives.

Both treatment-based and pathological-based diagnostic methods are thoroughly discussed so that readers will have a complete understanding of both approaches and will be able to use them independently or in combination. In addition to musculoskeletal testing, the text discusses how each examination should include personal history, observation, diagnostic imaging, systems and neurological screening, and performance-based assessments.

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Book Name:Orthopaedic Physical Examination
Publisher:Human Kinetics; First edition?
Publishing Date(January 28, 2016)
Language :English
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About Author: The Orthopaedic Physical Examination

Michael P. Reiman, PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, ATC, FAAOMPT, CSCS, is an assistant professor of physical therapy at Duke University Medical Center and co-director of the orthopaedic manual therapy fellowship programme. Reiman has over 20 years of expertise examining, treating, and training athletes and clients as a clinician.

He has given presentations on orthopaedic evaluation and treatment methods at national and international conferences. He is involved in research on various testing methods for orthopaedic examination, intervention, and human performance.

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This book is a terrific approach to understanding the examination procedure and a valuable reference for those who have practised for a long. Mike has done an excellent job of going over the material and combining it with his own experience to create a resource that will be used long after the class it was purchased has ended.?

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