Practical Fraud Prevention: Using SQL and Python

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Practical Fraud Prevention: Using SQL and Python. The growing ecommerce and fintech industries have been a breeding ground for fraud during the last two decades. Businesses that do business online continuously play a cat-and-mouse game with these intruders.

Sumamry Practical Fraud Prevention

Gilt Saporta and Shoshana Maraney build on their fraud-fighting experience to give the best practices, approaches, and tools to assist your company in detecting and preventing fraud and other hostile acts in this practical book.

The Lords of Easy Money

Data scientists, analysts, and fraud analysts will learn to spot assaults and respond rapidly. You’ll gain a complete overview of common intrusions and suggested detection analysis methods. Online fraud is constantly changing. In the ever-changing fraud scene, this book assists seasoned researchers in properly guiding and protecting their businesses.

With this book, you’ll be able to: How to Prevent Card Fraud

  • Examine recent scam attempts and discover how to prevent them.
  • Find the perfect balance between fraud prevention and a pleasant client experience.
  • Share information from a variety of industries, including ecommerce and finance.
  • Assess the risks associated with a new vertical, market, or product.
  • You may train and guide teams by organizing hackathons and kicking off brainstorming sessions.
  • Get a fraud-fighting framework and fraud-fighting analytics.

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Practical Fraud Prevention: Fraud and AML Analytics for Fintech and eCommerce, Using SQL and Python

Publisher:O’Reilly Media; 1st edition?
Publishing Date(April 12, 2022)
Language :English
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About Author: Practical Fraud Prevention

Gilt Saporta is a seasoned fraud-fighting executive with more than a decade of expertise. She started her career at Fraud Sciences, a company known for pioneering new accuracy in online fraud protection. She has since led and educated fraud analysts at PayPal, Forter, and Simplex.

She is presently a lecturer and content contributor at Tel Aviv University’s MBA Fintech Fraud Course. She serves on the steering committee of the annual CyberWeek FraudCon Conference, co-hosts Fraud Fighters’ Israeli meetups, and heads RiskSalon’s Israeli branch. She has spoken at numerous conferences and contributed to multiple publications on fraud, risk, and payments.

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