Practical Project Management: Proven Framework That Great Project Managers Use In the Real World


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Practical Project Management: Proven Framework That Great Project Managers Use In the Real World. The theory and reality of project management are vastly different. You can spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on qualifications, but you’ll still be unsure what to do with it.

Practical Project Management Summary

You will lack confidence in your ability to lead a project at an honest company with a real team. Reading the PMBOK? Guide from the Project Management Institute is not the best solution. It’s a fantastic book, but it’s essentially an encyclopedia, and you don’t need one to solve difficulties in the real world.

You must apply this strategy as the backbone for each new project to be a great project manager. It’s basic enough for your staff to understand, and it is adaptable to various levels of project complexity. What’s more, this isn’t a hypothesis that exists in a vacuum.

When directing real-world projects, I still experience the same aches and pains as when I was in the trenches. I’ve been in charge of software development projects for more than ten years. So, ten years ago, when I was starting my project management career, I authored this book as though for myself.

The Lords of Easy Money

You will have a solid understanding of project management after reading this book. But, more importantly, every new tool, approach, or process you discover in the future will be incorporated into the framework. What would it be like to know you have all the elements for a successful project?

Imagine being able to trust that you can handle projects and other top-notch project managers. You’re well-versed in all of the necessary procedures and tools, and you also have a repeatable PM framework that can be used in any organization.

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Book Name:Practical Project Management: Proven Framework That Great Project Managers Use In the Real World
Publisher:??Independently published?
Publishing Date(March 11, 2022)
Language :English
Pages440 pages

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Dmytro Nizhebetskyi is a Ukrainian IT Project Manager. He is the founder and CEO of Project Management Basics an online resource for project managers who want to advance their careers and become better leaders. He’s also the host of a popular YouTube channel and the online course Practical Project Management creator. pmp study guide free

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It’s more than a book, it’s a step-by-step tutorial for improving your project right now. How to analyze risks and budget, plan and execute, apply all of this to a real-world project, and keep your promises, among other things. All of this is backed up by ready-to-use templates and formulas and supplementary video courses to ensure your success. Exceptional work.

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