Buy Probios® Dispersable Powder 5lb Get Special Offers & Fast Made in USA

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Buy Probios® Dispersable Powder 5lb Get Special Offers

Probios is the most well-known, well-researched, and well-known brand of direct-fed microbials in the world (DFMs). When fed to animals, probios is both safe and effective.

More than 100 scientific investigations at universities and field conditions involving 30,000 animals back up the Probios brand, which provides guaranteed amounts of intestinal friendly bacteria.

The Probios brand includes proprietary high-quality bacterial strains that are resistant to stomach acids and can be used for an extended period of time. Even fewer probiotic bacteria are superior than any other probiotic strain.

Product made in an infant food-grade facility (SQF Level 3 Edition 9) using Chr Hansen’s world-class probiotic strains.

Probios® Dispersable Powder 5lb are highly active

Natural bile and stomach acid resistance, Because it survives in the digestive system, even a tiny quantity of these beneficial bacteria are better than any other probiotic strain.

Chr. Hansen, a Danish business with expertise in probiotics used in both the human and animal industries, provides the probiotic strains utilized in Probios products.

Probios® Dispersable Powder 5lb Get Special Offers

Every animal with a digestive system, including humans, contains bacteria. An animal could not digest food without microorganisms. In their whole digestive tract, animals have an exceedingly complex collection of roughly 100 trillion microorganisms.

Animals’ intestines contain billions of microorganisms, some of which are beneficial (good bacteria) and others that are harmful (pathogenic bacteria) (bad bacteria). Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that can help enhance beneficial bacteria numbers in the gut.

However, a regular diet may not contain the necessary nutrients, and certain factors, such as stress, can upset the digestive system’s natural balance of helpful bacteria.

Probios® Dispersable Powder 5lb Description

Probios contains is a source of live (viable), naturally occurring microorganisms to help maintain normal digestive function during times of stress from illness, weaning or diet changes.

Can be blended with feed rations or top dressed. Feed grade product made to be blended with rations for beef, dairy, swine, sheep, goats and horses. For starting calves, feed 1 lb. per 9 head for 3 days running or 1 lb.

per 15 head for 5 days to meet 150 gm dose requirement. (Two lbs. of 180R is equivalent to one ton pack). Feed 5 gm per head per day for horses and foals.

Probios® Dispersable Powder 5lb Main Feature

✔️ Improves feed conversion. Stimulates appetite. Increases growth.
✔️ Includes 5 gram (1 tsp) scoop.
✔️ Dosage: Horses & Cattle Adults 10-15 grams daily Calves & Foals 5 grams daily.
✔️ Dosage: Dogs/Cats/Rodents/Exotic Birds/Reptiles/Other Pets under 1.0 lb – 1/4 tsp daily; 1 to 10 lbs – 1/2 tsp ✔️ daily; Over 10 lbs – 1 tsp daily.
✔️ Dosage: Sheep/Goats/Swine Adults 5 grams daily; Nursery 2 grams daily.

Directions: As per the label

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