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Reel Shadows is a well-known novel that is currently available for pre-order. In this gripping new novel in the bestselling series, Wyoming game Warden Joe Pickett and his attractive wife Marybeth uncover separate discoveries that place the Pickett family in the sights of two killers.

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Summary Cj Box Shadows Reel

Joe is called out for a moose poaching incident the day before the three Pickett girls return home for Thanksgiving, but it turns out to be something far more sinister: Reel Shadows a local fishing guide has been tortured and murdered.

At the same time, Marybeth discovers a photo album belonging to a notorious Nazi officer in an unmarked parcel at the library where she works. Who was it that left it there? And why is that?

She discovers that several Wyoming troops were part of the party that fought their way to Hitler’s Eagles Nest stronghold in the Alps during WWII and that one of them stole the Fuhrer’s photo album.

The Lords of Easy Money

Is it possible someone else has taken this one and kept it all these years? When a close neighbor is assassinated, Joe and Marybeth are confronted with a new set of questions: who is after the book? And how will they uncover the riddle before they? Or their girls. Are harmed?

Nate Romanowski, meanwhile, is on the lookout for the man who stole his falcons and assaulted his wife. Nate follows the man from city to city using a network of fellow falconers. Nate swoops in for the kill?and a spectacular kill?even as he realizes the full threat his target poses.

Shadows Reel by Cj Box Details

Book Name:Shadows Reel By C. J. Box Joe Pickett
Publisher:G.P. Putnam’s Sons?
Release Date: (March 8, 2022)
Language :English
File Size: / Pages368 pages

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Author Information : Shadow Reel Cj Box

C. J. Box has written twenty Joe Pickett books, six stand-alone novels, and a collection of short stories. He has been a nominee for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize and has won the Edgar, Anthony, Macavity, Gumshoe, and Barry Awards and the French Prix Calibre.38.

Box, a Wyoming native, has also worked on a ranch and as a reporter and editor for a small-town newspaper. He and his family live outside of Cheyenne, and Twenty-seven languages have been translated into his works.

He’s an executive producer on ABC TV’s Big Sky, which is based on his Cody Hoyt/Cassie Dewell novels, and he’s also an executive producer on Paramount Studios/Spectrum Originals’ Joe Pickett television series.

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Conclusion: Reel Shadows Book

Box masterfully navigates readers through two quite different storylines in this twenty-second installment of the hugely popular series.

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