Shankar Ias Environment 9th Edition -2022-23

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Shankar Ias Environment 9th Edition -2022-23. Shankar IAS Academy has published the book ‘environment’ to assist students in learning the elements of the topic ‘environment’ as they prepare for the Civil Services Examination. The Union Public Service Commission, which administers these exams, provides this book’s paper pattern and syllabus.

Shankar Ias 9th Edition Summary

Environment – 9/edition book’s style is easy, and the subject is intriguing, so pupils will have no trouble studying. It’s also easy to navigate and read because of its unique design. This best-selling book has sold over 30,000 copies and is a popular choice among students. A group wrote this book of highly experienced writers from Shankar IAS Academy. Hence it is factual and trustworthy

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The UPSC‘s new syllabus places a strong emphasis on environmental issues. The Civil Service Examination’s geography paper covers themes on the environment, and thus students must have a good understanding of this subject. This book is entirely devoted to environmental issues and covers all relevant topics and points. Environmental ecology, biodiversity, and climate change are among the themes covered.

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Ecological pyramid and nutrient cycling, ecosystem rainforest, deciduous monsoon forest, Biome, breadbasket region, food chain, primary consumer, food web, ecological pyramid, ecological explosion, ecotone, chemosynthesis, biogeochemical cycle, Miss semple, possibilism, stratosphere, biosphere, species types, nutritional eutrophication, acid rain, marble cancer, soil types, biogeographical realm, xerophytic

Release Date Shankar Ias Environment 9th Edition Pdf

Book Name:Shankar Ias Environment 9th Edition -2022-23
Publisher:Shankar IAS Academy; Ninth edition?
Publishing Date(20 February 2022
Language :English
File Size: / Pages890 pages

About Author: Environmental Geography Science

By Shankar

Conclusion: The Legal Environment of Business Ninth Edition

They did, however, miss several IUCN redlist revisions. The Chinese pangolin’s status has been changed to CE, while the Snow leopard’s status has been modified to Vulnerable. (I also confirmed this on the IUCN website), but it hasn’t been updated in this edition.?

I’ve read around 40% of the book and have made a few typographical errors. However, this is a must-read book for everyone interested in the environment, especially UPSC aspirants.

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