Spoken English Course (Telugu) Paperback Download PDF


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Vashista 360 Spoken English PDF Summary:

It is a better and more comprehensive English grammar book than any other. It’s a fantastic book for learning and teaching English. The order in which the contents are presented in the book is fantastic. This book on spoken English focuses on the language from the perspective of the student.

The book is divided into two parts, the first of which focuses on 10,000 often used terms and 100 or more spoken English structures. The second section of the book covers English grammar, which is useful for all competitive exams in India.

The book is divided into 45 chapters, each of which has been linked to 45 days of spoken English course videos on the Vashista 360 YouTube channel. The book’s beauty is that every topic is easily comprehended because every word is translated from English to Telugu.

Spoken English Course (Telugu) Paperback Download PDF

  • Vashista 360 spoken English book basically looks at the language from the learner’s point of view.
  • The book has been divided into two parts, first part of the book focuses primarily on 10,000 daily used words and 100 plus spoken English structures.
  • Whereas the second part of the book deals with the English grammar useful for all competitive exams conducted in India.
  • There are totally 45 chapters in the book and every chapter in the book has been linked with 45 days spoken English course videos on vashista 360 YouTube channel.
  • The beauty of the book is that all the concepts can be easily understood since every single word has English to Telugu translation.
  • Every chapter in the book is followed by ‘practice exercises’.
  • In order to ensure an opportunity for readers to follow YouTube classes sequentially in an order, to make sure everyone practice the same class and also to assess their understanding of the topic.

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Vashista 360 is an educational channel that mostly covers themes such as English, politics, economics, history, current events, science, and technology. The major goal of this channel is to use free online YouTube videos to teach spoken English in Telugu and other subjects connected to competitive exams.

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Conclusion: Spoken English Course (Telugu)

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