Sunfox Spandan 2.0 Portable 12-lead ECG device


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Sunfox Spandan 2.0 Portable 12-lead ECG Device | 99.7% Trace Accuracy | Unlimited ECG/EKG with Interpretation | Best for Clinic and Personal Use

  • Sunfox Spandan 2.0 Portable 12-lead ECG Device
  • The ECG machine Spandan is the size of a matchbox and weighs only 12 grams. It can detect 21 Classified
  • Arrhythmia & 12 Heart Dysfunctions Detections with an application that requires no internet or batteries.
  • It is user-friendly equipment, and its application walks you through all of the test processes, including the
  • placement of the chest leads, and generates interpretive results that can be shared with your doctors.
  • Spandan has been tested by several specialists and cardiologists and is accurate to the tune of 99.7%.Spandan
  • provides interpreted information on your smartphone after taking a quick and accurate medical-grade ECG.
  • Preliminary ECG testing takes approximately 10 seconds, while advanced ECG exams take 90 seconds.

Reports will be saved in chronological order on your smartphone.

ECG Report With Spandan Portable ECG Device

After taking a 12-lead ECG with the Spandan App, you may generate a PDF report in a matter of seconds. Any black and white printer may print this report on standard A4 paper. The HRV test, as well as the seven lead and lead II ECG, are the same.

Point of care and Self Monitoring Sunfox Spandan 2.0 Portable 12-lead ECG device

  • General practitioners
  • Clinics
  • Health Centers
  • Elderly people
  • Patients who are at high risk
  • Patients with cardiac history
  • Patients who underwent cardiac treatment.
  • Patients are recovering from cardiac surgery.

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