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The Brain-based Guide to Communicating Better, It should come as no surprise that we learn differently as adults than we did as children. Our brains are filled with experiences and information that we have accumulated over time, and these resources are exactly what we apply to any new learning event.

Whether it is a new job or hobby, or simply a novel experience or conversation that we must navigate. And the nature of how we learn influences how we communicate – both how we give and receive information in our daily lives.

The Brain-based Guide Summary

The study of how adults learn and the role of the brain in that process is known as neuroandragogy. By delving into this unique field and its discoveries, you can gain a better understanding of how your own mind works and develop strategies to communicate successfully in a variety of situations and environments. As you will see, communicating with others is more than just being clear.

Understanding how to capture someone’s attention and ensure that the information you share is retained and used is also part of useful and rewarding communication. Understanding how the adult mind works can help you optimize your approach to getting the desired results from your communication.

Professor Allison Friederichs will walk you through six lessons in The Brain-Based Guide to Communicating Better that will help you better understand and transform your own communication methods. You’ll discover how your brain acquires, processes, and remembers information. You can then apply that knowledge whenever you need to convey something to others for the best results. While you have no

Professor Friederichs encourages you to keep a communication journal along the way to help you learn and process the invaluable information she shares. Keeping a journal allows you to keep track of both her lessons and your own observations. control over how other people communicate, developing your own methods of connection and conversation can benefit both your personal and professional life.

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Allison Friederichs?(Author),?The Great Courses?(Author, Publisher),?Professor Allison Friederichs?(Narrator)

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The Brain-based Guide to Communicating Better Fee PDF Download

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