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The Dawn of Everything Review

For generations, our remote ancestors have been cast as primitive and childlike – either free and equal, or thuggish and warlike. Civilization, we are told, could be achieved only by sacrificing those original freedoms or, alternatively, by taming our baser instincts.

David Graeber and David Wengrow show how such theories first emerged in the eighteenth century as a reaction to indigenous critiques of European society, and why they are wrong. In doing so, they overturn our view of human history, including the origins of farming, property, cities, democracy, slavery, and civilization itself.

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Drawing on path-breaking research in archaeology and anthropology, the authors show how history becomes a far more interesting place once we begin to see what’s really there. If humans did not spend 95 percent of their evolutionary past in tiny bands of hunter-gatherers, what were they doing all that time?

If agriculture, and cities, did not mean a plunge into hierarchy and domination, then what kinds of social and economic organization did they lead to? The answers are often unexpected and suggest that the course of history may be less set in stone, and more full of playful possibilities than we tend to assume.

The Dawn of Everything fundamentally transforms our understanding of the human past and offers a path toward imagining new forms of freedom, new ways of organizing society. This is a monumental book of formidable intellectual range, animated by curiosity, moral vision, and faith in the power of direct action.

Author: The Dawn of Everything

Professor of anthropology at the London School of Economics, David Graeber He was a contributor to Harper’s Magazine, The Guardian, and The Baffler, and the author of Debt: The First 5,000 Years and Bullshit Jobs: A Theory. His early efforts contributed to establishing Occupy Wall Street an era-defining movement, as an iconic thinker and recognized activist. On September 2, 2020, he passed away.

David Wengrow is a comparative archaeology professor at University College London’s Institute of Archaeology, as well as a visiting lecturer at New York University. He is the author of three books, the most recent of which is What Makes Civilization? Wengrow is an archaeologist who works in various locations in Africa.

Book Release Date: The Dawn of Everything

Publisher ? : ? Allen Lane (19 October 2021)
Language ? : ? English
Hardcover ? : ? 704 pages
ISBN-10 ? : ? 0241402425
ISBN-13 ? : ? 978-0241402429

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