The History of the Computer : Invention of The Computer


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The History of the Computer: Invention of The Computer was mathematician and Researcher Mr. Charles Baggage. This Person Invention the computer during the middle of 1830.

The History of the Computer: Invention of The Computer

The New York Times bestselling author and illustrator of Women in Science present a stunningly illustrated survey of the computing gadgets that have revolutionized our world?from the abacus to the smartphone?and the individuals who created them.

Computers are everywhere and have had a significant impact on our lives. But who made them, and why did they do so? What impact have they had on how we interact with our surroundings and one another?

This beautiful and art-filled book takes you from the ancient world to the modern-day, focusing on significant inventions from the oldest known counting systems to the sophisticated algorithms behind AI, and is jam-packed with accessible information, amusing facts, and discussion starters.

From An Wang and Margaret Hamilton to Steve Jobs and Tim Berners-Lee, The History of the Computer examines a varied spectrum of notable characters and creators, illuminating their ambitions, intents, and the influence of their creations on our daily lives.

This fun and informative adventure will teach you about our most vital machines and how we can use them to improve our lives. You’ll never be able to look at your phone the same way ever again!

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Author: The History of the Computer

Rachel Ignotofsky is a bestselling novelist, illustrator, and designer who has worked for the New York Times. Rachel’s work has been featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Scientific American, Science Friday, Brain Pickings, and other print and online publications.

Women in Science, Women in Sports, Women in Art, I Love Science, and The Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth are her books.

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The History of the Computer Details :

Book Name:The History of the Computer
Publisher:Ten Speed Press
Release Date:(April 26, 2022)
Language :English
ISBN :978-1984857422
Pages :128 pages

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Conclusion: Invention of The Computer

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