The Invention of the Communication Engine Telephone


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The invention of the Telephone Was Made 1st Time Teacher of Deaf Alexander Graham Bell. In 1873 Final Protocol Distant Speech was Done.

The Invention of the Communication Engine ‘Telephone Summary

Although innovation is a term in business and the media, breakthrough technology is not new. Seminal inventions like electricity have been the spark for sweeping, large-scale developments since the American Revolution, and “Electric speech” is one of them.

The fifth volume in the Invention Series is The Invention of the Communication Engine ‘Telephone.’ Author B. J. G. van der Kooij has delved into the depths of technology history to offer an informative recounting of how humans began to communicate with lightning speed over great distances. As a result, we now live in the Age of Communication Technology.

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Van der Kooij’s scholarly book is both approachable and exciting to the general reader and enthralling to technology professionals. The telephone’s early history is an essential landmark invention in that chronicle, even though the topic remains relevant worldwide.

Invention Of Telephone Communication Engine ‘Telephone’ investigates what occurred in the late eighteenth century. The author examines the effects of the telephone on several areas, from economic to technical to social, through broad and detailed observations.

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Author: The Invention of the Communication Engine ‘Telephone

B. J. G. van der Kooij is the author of the Invention series, a collection of historical investigations chronicling revolutionary technology, and the History of Innovation series, which examines the origins and discoveries of innovation throughout history.

In 1975, he received his MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management, and in 1977, he received his MSEE from Delft University of Technology with a specialization in microelectronics. He was a member of the Dutch parliament, the founder of a software technology start-up, and a ‘Management of Innovation’ professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology during his illustrious career.

Now that he’s retired, he’s applying his knowledge of technological innovation, scientific and political policy, and economics to provide historical and social context to the uses of artificial intelligence.

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Invention Of Telephone Details :

Book Name:Invention Of Telephone
Publisher:?B.J.G. van der Kooij
Release Date:February 8, 2016
Language :English
File Size:38647 KB

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Conclusion: Invention Of Telephone

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