The Lightning Rod Book: A Zig & Nola Novel


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The Lightning Rod Book: A Zig & Nola Novel. Archie Mint is hiding something. He’s had a blessed life, with a lovely wife, two beautiful children, and a great military career. His family is crushed when he is slain while attempting to halt a heist in his own home?and then startled when the other shoe drops. Mint has been keeping illegal secrets from them that none could have predicted.

Sumamry The Lightning Rod Book

In The Lightning Rod Mortician “Zig” Zigarowski discovers something he wasn’t supposed to see while working on Mint’s body before his funeral. This incriminating fact leads him to Mint’s former top-secret military unit and his relationship to Nola Brown, an artist. Nola saved Zig’s life two years ago, so he understands better than most that she’s as unpredictable and dangerous as a bolt of lightning.

American Dirt Controversy

Following Nola’s lead, he discovers one of the US government’s most closely guarded secrets: an undisclosed military facility dating back to the Cold War that contains the key to something far more sinister: a secretive group willing to jeopardize America’s very safety and security..

About Author : The Lightning Rod

Brad Meltzer is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of twelve thrillers, including The Escape Artist and nonfiction titles like The Lincoln Conspiracy and the Ordinary People Change the World series. He is also the host of the History Channel show Brad Meltzer’s Decoded. With his wife and three children, he resides in Florida.

The Lords of Easy Money

The Lightning Rod Brad Meltzer Release Date

Book Name:The Lightning Rod Book: A Zig & Nola Novel
Publisher:William Morrow?
Publishing Date(March 8, 2022)
Language :English
File Size: / Pages432

Conclusion: The Lightning Rod Reviews

I like how easy this book was to read. Because of the primary characters’ professions, it’s necessary. I’m also pleased to report that the tempo in this book has vastly improved since the first in the series. The first was abnormally slow for me. Meltzer’s conversation is usually entertaining. I’ve been a fan for a long time, but Meltzer has a handful that stands out… I’m tempted to include this one in my collection. Recommended.

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