The New Bjp Nalin Mehta: Modi and the Making of the World’s Largest Political Party


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The New Bjp Nalin Mehta. Since 2014, the BJP has won more elections than it has lost, both national and state, indicating that it has expanded beyond its core Hindu base. Why do so many people vote for a shamelessly aggressive party in its Hindutva politics, regardless of caste, religion, or gender? Are its well-publicized growth plans, warts and all, the main attraction? Or the active mobilization of RSS cadres in support of the cause?

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Nalin Mehta, a political scientist and journalist investigates how the BJP rose to become the world’s largest political party in this fascinating revisionist history. He goes beyond the typical story of the party’s Hindutva ideology to illustrate how, under Narendra Modi, it used its form of social engineering to reshape the Indian democracy. New caste coalitions, the claim of a new welfare state focusing on marginalized socioeconomic groups, and the formation of a women-voter base helped push this rebuilding.

The New BJP is full of startling insights into the way both the party and the country function, based on data from three unique indices: the Mehta?Singh Social Index, which studies the caste composition of Indian political parties; the Narad Index.

Which calculates communication patterns across topics and audiences; and PollNiti, which connects and tallies hundreds of political and economic datasets. Previously unreleased historical archives, rare interviews with party leaders, and extensive reporting from around India provide a new perspective on the BJP’s development areas, including Northeast and South India.

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Publishing Date(3 January 2022)
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Professor Nalin Mehta is the Dean of UPES’ School of Modern Media, an advisor for Global University Systems, and a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the National University of Singapore’s Institute of South Asian Studies. He is an award-winning social scientist, writer.

Author who has worked for major Indian media corporations and international financial institutions such as the Global Fund in Geneva, Switzerland. He has worked and taught at universities and research institutes in Australia (ANU, La Trobe University), Singapore (NUS), Switzerland (International Olympic Museum), and India (IIM Bangalore, Shiv Nadar University).

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Conclusion: The New Bjp Review

After reading a thought-provoking piece by the author on Nehru and how he was forced to leave by the Congress-right side in the 1950s, I purchased this book on the new BJP. Reading about Nehru’s battles against Hindu nationalism piqued my interest because we know little about our history. This is an incredibly well-researched work that I am enjoying.

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