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The Real World of College, Wendy Fischman and Howard Gardner conducted in-depth interviews with over 2,000 students, alumni, faculty, administrators, parents, trustees, and others for The Real World of College at ten institutions ranging from highly selective liberal arts colleges to less-selective state schools

The Real World of College Summary

What they discovered contradicted popular perceptions: Political correctness, free expression, or even the cost of college are not on students’ minds. They are primarily concerned with their grades and resumes; they value jobs and earning potential over education.

Many claims to be dealing with mental health issues, fear of not belonging, and a strong sense of alienation. Has higher education lost its path in light of this daily reality for students? According to Fischman and Gardner, US universities and colleges must concentrate on their fundamental instructional goal.

Fischman and Gardner, both recognized authorities on education and learning, argue that higher education in the United States has lost sight of its primary purpose: to help students think well and broadly, express themselves clearly, explore new areas, and be open to possible transformations, rather than to provide vocational training or campus amenities.

Fischman and Gardner make compelling arguments for how any college might become a community of learners willing to grow as thinkers, citizens, and people

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Book Name😕 ? ?He Real World Benefits of Volunteering for College Students
Publisher:?The MIT Press?
Publishing Date(March 22, 2022)
Language :English

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Wendy Fischman is the principal author of Making Good: How Young People Cope with Moral Dilemmas at Work, which she directed at Harvard Graduate School of Education. Howard Gardner is a Harvard Graduate School of Education Hobbs Research Professor of Cognition and Education and the author of A Synthesizing Mind: A Memoir from the Creator of Multiple Intelligences Theory (MIT Press) and many other publications.

Conclusion: The Real World of College Book

This is one of the most important books in higher education. Fischman and Gardner managed to captivate me from the first page until the last one. I loved how the language was easy to follow yet intricately woven to remind us that this is an academic publication.

I am sure this book will be popular among policymakers, university leaders, and scholars, and I hope that they can start implementing the necessary changes laid out throughout the book as fast as possible. American higher education needs change, and this book tells us why and where that change needs to happen.

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