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The War of Two Queens (Blood and Ash Series) PDF, The War of the Two Queens Book Summary The war is just the beginning. Jennifer L. Armentrout. Golden crowns in a state of despair. Casteel Da’Neer is well aware that few people are as crafty or nasty as the Blood Queen, but no one, including himself, could have anticipated the shocking revelations.

The scope of the Blood Queen’s deeds is almost unfathomable. And of earthly flesh. Poppy must persuade the Atlantian generals to fight her way, with the strength of the Primal of Life’s guardians behind her and the support of the wolven, for there can be no retreat this time. She can’t if she wants to establish a future where both kingdoms can live in peace.

The war of two queens pdf. A powerful ancient force rises. Poppy and Casteel must work together to uphold old and new customs to protect those they care about and those who cannot defend themselves. The fight, though, is merely the beginning. Ancient primeval energies have already reawakened, revealing the horror of what began millennia ago.

Poppy may have to become what she has been predicted to be what she fears the order to put an end to what the Blood Queen has started.

The War of Two Queens Release Date

Book Name:The War of Two Queens Book ePUB
Publisher:Blue Box Press?
Publishing Date(March 15, 2022)
Language :English
File Size: / Pages600

About Author: The War of Two Queens Jennifer L Armentrout

Jennifer L. Armentrout was born in West Virginia and currently resides there, and J. Lynn is another pen name she uses. She spends her free time reading, working out, watching zombie movies, and pretending to write when she isn’t hard at work writing. Book The War of Two Queens Epub Download

She lives with her husband, Diesel, his K-9 companion, Apollo, her hyper Border Jack, and a variety of farm animals such as alpacas, goats, and lambs.

Conclusion: Blood and Ash Series the War of Two Queens Audiobook

Wow. Just. There’s so much wow. First and foremost, War of Two Queens Pdf. There are so many questions answered and raised in this book, including action and decision-making. After a few chapters, I had to put the book down to comprehend everything before continuing.

I PROMISE THIS IS NOT A BAD THING! We also get Poppy’s and Casteel’s points of view, which adds a lot to the plot. This whole world of Blood and Ash has been a fantastic experience from book one to book four, and this book in particular for me was just wow. I’m still absorbing it, and it’s probably one of the most excellent book hangovers I’ve ever experienced!

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