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Unstoppable How I Found My Strength Through Love and Loss. The Latin Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and New York Times bestselling author of Forgiveness returns with a new memoir on life following her mother, Jenni Rivera’s, death.

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Summary Unstoppable How I Found My Strength

Chiquis Rivera picks off her memoir Forgiveness left off, bringing her trademark warmth, humor, and optimism to the page.

Chiquis finds herself at a fork in the road after her mother’s untimely death. She struggles to balance her family’s necessities with her goals of being a successful singer and businesswoman as a new mom to her younger brother and sister.

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It’s difficult for her to break free from the shadow of her mother’s remarkable career and develop her voice as a singer. On the other hand, navigating Toxic relationships proves to be even more difficult.

It appears that life is finally falling into place when she meets and marries the man she believes is the man of her dreams. But their romance is shattered by a horrific truth, and Chiquis emerges more potent as a single woman.

Nothing will be able to hold Chiquis down in the end. “Either I thrive, or I learn,” she states in her life philosophy. Chiquis now reveals her greatest gift with her fans?the approachable teachings that have made her unstoppable?in this book filled with life-affirming truths.

Unstoppable How I Found My Strength Details

Book Name:Unstoppable
Publisher:Atria Books
Release Date:(February 8, 2022)
Language :English
File Size: / Pages288 pages

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Author Author: Unstoppable

Chiquis (born Janney Marin Rivera) is an artist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and television personality. She first attracted audiences with her late mother, Jenni Rivera, and their family on reality shows. Chiquis began her career in music in 2014, making her international television debut at the Premios Juventud.

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Conclusion: Unstoppable How I Found My Strength

Good Book Read.

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