Video Data Analysis: Video in the Social Sciences


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Video Data Analysis: Video in the Social Sciences. Video data are transforming the prospects of social science research. We have access to an ever-growing reservoir of data on real-life situations and interactions, whether through mobile phone film, body-worn cameras, or public video surveillance.

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This book offers a versatile framework for working with video data and deciphering what it reveals about social life. The book demonstrates step-by-step how to analyze any data, including both found and generated movies, using examples from various real video research projects. It also contains a non-technical overview of computer vision and its applications in social science research.

With this book, you’ll be able to: Complete each step of the research process completely and efficiently, from data collection to data management, analysis, and interpretation Use video data ethically and effectively to maximize its impact Make use of modern technology and accessible platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Facebook.

This book is an excellent resource for academics and postgraduate students in the social sciences who use video data in their research. It is written for qualitative and quantitative researchers, novices, and established scholars and is both accessible and practical.

Interactive tasks for various ability levels are included, and the ‘what to read next’ sections to help you go deeper into the topics discussed in the book.

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Book Name:Video Data Analysis: Video in the Social Sciences
Publisher:SAGE Publications Ltd; 1st edition?
Publishing Date(May 16, 2022)
Language :English

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About Author: Video Data Analytics

Anne Nassauer is a sociologist whose research interests include interactions, deviant and collective behavior, and the scientific application of 21st-century video data. Her work straddles the fields of sociology, social psychology, and criminology. With the ultimate goal of better understanding social processes and interactions, she frequently blends Video Data Analysis and multidisciplinary theoretical approaches.

The impact of social networks on social inequality and mobility is the subject of Nicolas M. Legewie’s research. He also focuses on video data analysis, mixed methods, digital social science research, and research ethics in his research techniques.

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Conclusion: Video File Analyzer Reviews

Video Data Analysis book is an invaluable resource for analyzing video material. The chapters are simple to follow and do not assume any prior understanding of visual research techniques. It comes highly recommended by me to students looking for an engaging and original methodology.

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