We Never Die Secrets of the Afterlife By Matt Fraser


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We Never Die: Afterlife Secrets is a book about the afterlife. The author of When Heaven Calls, America’s top psychic medium, has written a new book that discloses all the secrets of immortality, including the truth about heaven, what happens to our loved ones when they die, and why we never indeed die.

We Never Die Secrets of the Afterlife Summary

Medium (psychic) When Heaven Calls author Matt Fraser is back with a new book that tackles the topic that everyone wants to know: “What occurs after death?” Although the solution appears complicated, it is relatively straightforward: humans never die.

Matt will pull back the veil on life’s secret question, drawing on his personal experiences as America’s top psychic medium and the thousands of discussions he’s had with individuals in spirit. He’ll go over what occurs when we die, the wonderful reality of paradise and eternal life, the guardian angels who keep us safe on Earth (including our pets), and much more.

He’ll also show us how to connect with our inner psychic medium to detect better the signs and messages our loved ones send us from above. “We all have our own ‘phone line’ to speak with heaven,” Matt explains. All we have to do now is figure out how to put it to good use.”

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We Never Die an uplifting book suited for readers of Laura Lynne Jackson’s Signs and Roma Downey’s Box of Butterflies, as recounted via never-before-told anecdotes and experiences from Matt’s readings and discussions with the dearly gone. Discover a sneak peek at what paradise is like and the rewarding existence that awaits us after death.

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We Never Die Secrets Release Date

Book Name: We Never Die Secrets of the Afterlife By Matt Fraser
Publisher:Gallery Books
Publishing Date(August 23, 2022)
Language :?English
File Size: / Pages?na

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About Author: We Never Die

Matt Fraser is the star of the hit E! television series Meet the Frasers and America’s top psychic medium. He has provided healing, hope, and laughter to a global audience of fans and followers through sold-out live events, television appearances, and popular private readings.

Matt’s impressive powers and pinpoint accuracy have allowed him to connect with millions of people worldwide, from A-list celebrities and influencers to ordinary folks wishing to reconnect with loved ones. Matt has attracted the attention of major media outlets around the country.

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Conclusion: We Never Die Secrets of the Afterlife Review

Good Book Pre-Order Available.

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