What is Reputation Capital: How to Navigate Crises and Protect your Greatest Asset


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What is Reputation Capital? The worth of a company’s intangible assets is known as reputation capital. Everything from customer evaluations to brand identity may help you generate reputation capital, and it all boils down to one thing: trust. How much do people believe in your company?

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A veteran broadcast journalist and ABC News Correspondent demonstrate how, rather than trying to deny, you can build an honest and natural reaction to any scandal, bolstering your brand in the process.

T. J. Winick covered various controversies throughout his twenty years as a television reporter, including the British Petroleum oil leak, the Penn State football scandal, the Catholic priest abuse, and the Toyota recall of 2009?2010. The most common blunder he’s seen businesses make is attempting to “make it go away” by refusing to apologise, denying to respond, or going on the offensive?anything to distract attention.

On the other hand, Winick advocates for openness, honesty, authenticity, and empathy. When handled effectively, taking a flagrant violation of your rules will help you build your reputation capital. It can serve as a reminder to others of what those principles are and how strongly you hold them.

Winick addresses every facet of responding to the controversy, drawing on his unique firsthand understanding of how the media works. The Ten Crisis Commandments?universal dos and don’ts?are included. He also offers practical suggestions on who to talk to and when, who should do the talking, how to put up a crisis communication team, what tone to use in your message, how to engage with the media, and much more.

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Book Name:What is Reputation Capital: How to Navigate Crises and Protect
Publisher:Berrett-Koehler Publishers?
Publishing Date(September 20, 2022)
Language :English

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About Author: Online Reputation Management

T. J. Winick is the senior vice president of Solomon McCown and Cence, a Boston-based award-winning public relations and digital marketing firm. Before joining Solomon McCown and Cence, Winick worked for ABC News as a correspondent and anchor, reporting on NewsOne, Nightline, World News Now, and Good Morning America.

He spent ten years as a local news reporter in significant cities, including Pittsburgh and Boston. His articles on crisis communications have featured in PR Week, PRNews, O’Dwyer’s, and Bulldog Reporter, among other publications.

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