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I had considered gluing these to the bottom of my sandals to provide a little extra cushioning and protection for the shoe bed. It has so far worked really well.

So, Protective Feet Sticker, seven though I can’t speak to how well they attach to my actual foot, I can state that they have excellent adhesive qualities. I wear sandals where I can swap the bed and insole around twice a year. While the support is still strong, they can, of course, look rather worn out in between.


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Soft Adhesive Foot Pads, It works great to apply them to the insole since it makes the sandal more vibrant, prolongs its beauty and makes walking incredibly comfortable. They haven’t moved out of place thus far.

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I will be ordering more soon so I can replace them as needed whether tearing out the old or applying another on top. My sandals are Sport from Amazon with a replaceable insole. The insoles while having gone up in cost it is a great deal in the long run and these foot pads help extend that life and actually look pretty. I have received many compliments and am amazed that I thought of this. In the future, I will try putting the stick-on soles on my foot just so I can provide a review on the actual purpose.

Protective Feet Stickers Feature Details

Invisible Beach Insoles Foot Plantar Pads

Unique design: These beach foot pads are thermally insulated, waterproof, cut-resistant, and anti-slip. Most occasions-appropriate: swimming, beach volleyball, spa treatments, surfing, jogging, yoga, beach walking, windsurfing, and other water sports.

Portable: They are lightweight and portable, making them simple to store so you can use them whenever you choose. Wonderful gift The ideal present for girlfriends, wives, fiancées, mothers, daughters, friends, and even yourself

How to use them: Beach Feet Protective Soles

  • Clean your foot while sitting down.
  • Take the toe section release paper first, but do not tear it off completely at once.
  • Spread your toes, Stick to your thumb first, then the other toes, and avoid wrinkling.
  • Put pressure on your toes’ toe-curve.
  • After removing all of the release paper from the foot pad with a pinch.
  • Flatten the midfoot and arch by sticking the release paper to the heel first.
  • If there is a small wrinkle, rip off the disconnected portion and level it again.
  • Do not let any parts remain unglued.

Tips to Use Anti-Slip Waterproof Silicone Unisex Footing Pad for Surfing Yoga Swimming

Before applying, please make sure the feet are clean and dry; otherwise, they will quickly fall off. Please refrain from using it if the foot has a wound. The images might not accurately depict the item’s color due to variations in displays. Please be aware that there may be a small difference between the detail sizes and yours owing to hand measurement.

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