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Quantum Healing Codes PDF Download Stephen Linsteadt is a comprehensive manual on chakra geometry prepared in English with 79 Pages by Stephen Linsteadt. This article’s goal is to give you a free download link for the Quantum Healing Codes PDF so you can read it at your leisure. You can instantly get Stephen Linsteadt’s Quantum Healing Codes in pdf format by clicking on the following link.

Quantum Healing Codes PDF Download Stephen Linsteadt Summary

This book examines the chakra geometry produced by the sequence of notes 396cps, 417cps, 528cps, 639cps, 741cps, and 852cps, which L. Horowitz claimed to be the missing Solfeggio scale that vibrates at the precise frequencies necessary to change spirit into matter or matter into spirit in “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse.”

The book explains how the chakras and codes are connected, and how each chakra contains an emotional quality that could not be compatible with our mind-brain reaction to a certain situation. One technique to assist us to recover from an emotional disturbance and align with our heart’s intuition is to listen to a code.

As a reference guide for using the codes based on one’s individual aim, a simple table is provided.

The premise of quantum healing codes is that all matter is composed of a recognisable geometric pattern. Everything else can be made from this pattern. Greater coherence within the resonance of what we wish to manifest in our lives is supported by these codes.ir?t=cure18 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=150673202X

About the Author: Quantum Codes For Healing

The Naturopathic Medicine physician Trinity College of Natural Health awarded Stephen Linsteadt a Ph.D. in natural health. His membership in the American Naturopathic Medical Association dates back to the past.

He is an authority in the area thanks to his qualification as a nutritional consultant and membership in the American Association of Nutritional Consultants. On the foundations of Oriental Medicine, he studied bioresonance and energy medicine.

Conclusion: Quantum Energy Healing Codes

Quantum Healing Codes Every morning I have been listening to the Solfeggio frequencies CD, which I highly suggest to anyone looking for complete body healing. This is the secret to healing the bioenergetic field known as the “Invisible Body,” which holds the key to curing the mind, body, soul, and spirit. To ensure that the mind and body interact with one another on all levels, I have found that using the CD before utilizing the tuning forks is really beneficial.

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