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Radically Human: By Paul Daugherty & H. James Wilson Free Download. Radically Human: How New Technology Is Transforming Business and Shaping Our Future. Accenture technology leaders Paul R. Daugherty and H. James Wilson revealed how leading firms leverage the power of human-machine collaboration to revolutionise their processes and bottom lines in their landmark book

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Human + Machine. Now, as AI continues to have a profound impact on both life and work, those firms and other industry pioneers are shifting the scales even more dramatically in favour of the human side with technology-driven strategies that redefine the very nature of innovation.

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In Radically Human, Daugherty and Wilson illustrate how the epidemic has accelerated a significant transition toward more compassionate and humane technologies. Artificial intelligence is getting more intelligent and less contrived.

Innovators pursue data-efficient ways to AI instead of data-hungry approaches that allow robots to learn as humans do. Rather than replacing labour with robots, they’re using human skills to create AI focused on people. Instead of clumsy legacy IT systems, they’re constructing cloud-first IT architectures that can adapt to a world of billions of linked devices on the go.

They’re also developing techniques to compete with tried-and-true business models like disruptive innovation.

These unconventional approaches to business’s fundamental building pieces, Intelligence, Data, Experience, Architecture, and Strategy (IDEAS), are changing the game. Industrial giants and startups use this fundamentally human IDEAS framework to develop new business models, optimise post-pandemic approaches to work and talent, re-establish trust with stakeholders, and pave the road for a sustainable future.

Radically Human will forever change how you think about, practice, and win with innovation, engaging insights and new examples from various industries.

Aurthor: Radically Human Review

Accenture’s Group Chief Executive–Technology and Chief Technology Officer is Paul R. Daugherty. Accenture Research’s Global Managing Director, IT & Business Research, H. James Wilson, is based in San Francisco. Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI is written by Daugherty and Wilson (HBR Press).

Radically Human Release Date

Book Name:     Radically Human: How New Technology Is Transforming Business and Shaping Our Future
Publisher:Harvard Business Review Press 
Publishing Date(20 June 2022)
Language :English
ISBN :1647821088
Page 256 pages

Conclusion: Radically Human Review

The most significant issue in today’s corporate world is that most Homo sapiens think linearly, but these people are playing the wrong game. Radically Human provides tools and concepts to remind everyone that business is exponential, not linear.

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