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Artificial Intelligence is a necessity in the coming days. this best book written by Rajiv Malhotra Name of Book ” Artificial Intelligence And The Future Of Power: 5 Battlegrounds” is the ever best book related to Ai. This book is very famous and most people are searching this book the name of “Rajiv Malhotra AI


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Rajiv Malhotra AI Book Pdf Download Summary

Similar to an iceberg, artificial intelligence is only partially visible. We must delve deeper in order to properly comprehend it. The upside is that technology is improving machine intelligence. The broader perspective presented in this book reveals that AI is also causing an increase in the number of people who are psychologically and intellectually dependent on digital networks.

Whether you are a social media fanatic, a diehard AI aficionado, or a paranoid skeptic, it is impossible to escape the ubiquitous impact of AI. Artificial Intelligence is the brains bringing together quantum computing, nanotechnology, medical technology, brain-machine interface, robotics, aerospace, 5G, Internet of Things, and more. It is amplifying human ingenuity and disrupting the foundations of healthcare, military, entertainment, education, marketing, and manufacturing.

According to Artificial Intelligence and The Future of Power By Rajiv Malhotra, different groups of people will be affected differently by an AI-driven revolution. A previously unheard-of concentration of money and power will arise from new winners and losers, haves and have-nots.

The book analyses society’s vulnerabilities to the approaching tsunami and then poses worrisome queries that immediately spark discussion: Are the USA and China planning to colonize the digital world? Will future depopulation be unavoidable?

Public intellectuals are urged to become more aware and involved by the book Artificial Intelligence and The Future of Power, which serves as a wake-up call. It seeks to inform the social groups that are most at risk and encourages them to request a place at the table where decisions on artificial intelligence are made.

Ai and the Future of Power About the Author

Rajiv Malhotra is a worldwide famous author and public intellectual. His education background in physics and computer science with his quarter century of path-breaking research on India’s historical and future place in the world. Right now the founder of Princeton-based Infinity Foundation, he continues to change the global discourse with new and innovative programs. Rajiv Malhotra’s work covers a broad spectrum including mind sciences, civilizations, geopolitics, and the future of India.

Details Ai and the future of power Rajiv Malhotra PDF

Book NameAi and future of power Rajiv Malhotra
AuthorRajiv Malhotra
GenreRobotics & Automation
Publisher NameRupa Publications
Release Date(December 25, 2020) (9390547032)

Rajiv Malhotra Ai (An eye-opening book)

Anyone who wants to comprehend the possible trajectory of AI technologies and how they will affect every part of our life must read it. Rajiv Malhotra’s list of five battlegrounds has been brilliantly and in-depth analyzed.

Mis-governance of AI – Defence Research & Studies | Rajiv Malhotra

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