Revolutionary Red Card Rule: Changing the Game in Caribbean Premier League Cricket!

Revolutionary Red Card Rule Changing the Game in Caribbean Premier League Cricket!
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The Red Card Rule has been introduced in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) cricket matches to tackle slow over rates. This rule is meant to speed up the pace of the game and ensure matches flow smoothly. Here’s how the rule works:

When Applied: If the team fielding falls behind the required over rate during the 18th over of the innings, an extra fielder will be positioned within a 30-yard circle for the rest of the match.

Continued Delay: If the fielding team remains slow during the 19th over, two extra fielders will stay within the 30-yard circle, reducing the total fielders outside the circle to six.

Extra Penalty: If the fielding team is still lagging at the start of the 20th over, they will lose one player from their team, chosen by their captain. This player will leave the field, leaving only six players outside the 30-yard circle.

Batting Responsibility: The batting team is also responsible for maintaining a good pace. After warnings from the umpires, the batting team will be penalized with five extra runs if they waste time.

Timing in T20: A T20 innings has a total of 85 minutes. The 17th over must end within 72 minutes and 15 seconds, the 18th over within 76 minutes and 30 seconds, and the 19th over within 80 minutes and 45 seconds. The third umpire keeps track of time, and the field umpire informs the captain about the over rate.

This new rule aims to make T20 matches more exciting by keeping the game moving and ensuring fairness for both teams. The Caribbean Premier League 2023 is set to begin on August 17, with the first match between Jamaica Tallawahs and St. Lucia, and the women’s tournament starts on August 31.