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Dear Reader If you’re searching Rajasthan RGHS Hospital List (Rajasthan Government Health Scheme) Available hospitals in Rajasthan, India, Below are a list of hospitals that are registered under the RGHS, and given details of City wise along with their location and contact information:

RGHS Hospital List District Wise

RGHS Hospital List

RGHS Hospital List Jaipur

Hospital NameLocationContact Information
SMS HospitalJaipur-2560341
J.K. Lone HospitalJaipur-2702695
Women’s HospitalJaipur-2619848
Psychiatric CentreJaipur-2710893
S.K. Children HospitalJaipur-2708875
Zanana HospitalJaipur-2618897
B.J.R. Government TB HospitalJaipur-2610681
Pratap Nagar HospitalJaipur-2786157

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RGHS Hospital List Kota

Hospital NameLocationContact Information
Sawai Man Singh (SMS) HospitalJ.L.N. Marg, Jaipur+91-141-2560291
J.K. Lone HospitalNear SMS Hospital, Jaipur+91-141-2702645
Women’s HospitalNear Janana Hospital, Jaipur+91-141-2619798
Psychiatric CentreSethi Colony, Jaipur+91-141-2710843
S.K. Children HospitalNear Jhalana Dungri Circle, Jaipur+91-141-2708825
Janana Hospital (Zanana Hospital)Ajmer Road, Jaipur+91-141-2618847
B.J.R. Government TB HospitalShastri Nagar, Jaipur+91-141-2610631
Pratap Nagar HospitalPratap Nagar, Jaipur+91-141-2786107


RGHS Hospital List Jodhpur

Hospital NameLocationContact Information
M.G. HospitalNear Rly. Station, Jodhpur+91-291-2434393
Mathuradas Mathur HospitalNear AIIMS, Basni, Jodhpur+91-291-2740740
Umaid HospitalNear Residency Road, Jodhpur+91-291-2511934
Kamla Nehru TB HospitalNear Power House Road, Jodhpur+91-291-2430584
Institute of Child HealthNear Residency Road, Jodhpur+91-291-2431595
Psychiatric Diseases HospitalNear Baldev Ram Mirdha Circle, Jodhpur+91-291-2510156
Dental HospitalNear Rly. Station, Jodhpur+91-291-2438806
Ayurved HospitalNear Saras Dairy, Jodhpur+91-291-2725854

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RGHS Hospital List Alwar

Hospital NameLocationContact Information
Rani Dhan Kunwar HospitalNear Subhash Chowk, Alwar+91-144-2336652
Women’s HospitalNear Rani Dhan Kunwar Hospital, Alwar+91-144-2337935
Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya SHNear Ambedkar Circle, Alwar+91-144-2705085
Dental HospitalNear Vijay Mandir Road, Alwar+91-144-2730321
Psychiatric Diseases HospitalNear Ambedkar Circle, Alwar+91-144-2702404
District TB HospitalJatiya Khandelwal Dharamshala, Alwar+91-144-2701263
S.P.M. HospitalNear Kedalganj, Alwar+91-144-2701263


RGHS Hospital List Sikar

Hospital NameLocationContact Information
Government HospitalNear Bus Stand, Sikar+91-1572-250158
Women’s HospitalNear Government Hospital, Sikar+91-1572-250158
TB and Chest Disease HospitalNear Government Hospital, Sikar+91-1572-250450
Psychiatric CentreNear PNB Bank, Sikar+91-1572-250389
Dental HospitalNear Govt. Ayurved Hospital, Sikar+91-1572-270585
Eye HospitalNear Government Hospital, Sikar+91-1572-251280
District Ayurved HospitalNear PNB Bank, Sikar+91-1572-250589


RGHS Hospital List Udaipur

Hospital NameLocationContact Information
GBH American HospitalNear Sevashram Circle, Udaipur+91-294-2460393
District HospitalNear Court Chauraha, Udaipur+91-294-2412201
Women’s HospitalNear District Hospital, Udaipur+91-294-2420877
RNT Medical CollegeNear Court Chauraha, Udaipur+91-294-2411370
Trauma Care CentreNear Shakti Nagar, Udaipur+91-294-2433606
Psychiatric CentreNear Court Chauraha, Udaipur+91-294-2410596
Dental HospitalNear Court Chauraha, Udaipur+91-294-2412220
TB and Chest Disease HospitalNear Court Chauraha, Udaipur+91-294-2410531

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RGHS Hospital List Bharatpur

Hospital NameLocationContact Information
Women’s HospitalNear Kothi Bagh, Bharatpur+91-5644-226456
District HospitalNear Kothi Bagh, Bharatpur+91-5644-226456
Children’s HospitalNear Kothi Bagh, Bharatpur+91-5644-225180
Eye HospitalNear Kothi Bagh, Bharatpur+91-5644-226199
TB and Chest Disease HospitalNear Kothi Bagh, Bharatpur+91-5644-225579
Mental HospitalNear Kothi Bagh, Bharatpur+91-5644-226208
Ayurved HospitalNear Kothi Bagh, Bharatpur+91-5644-223174


RGHS Hospital List Ajmer

Hospital NameLocationContact Information
Jawaharlal Nehru HospitalNear Ana Sagar Lake, Ajmer+91-145-2425092
JLN Medical CollegeNear Ana Sagar Lake, Ajmer+91-145-2431842
TB and Chest Disease HospitalNear Daulat Bagh, Ajmer+91-145-2429739
Women’s HospitalNear Circuit House, Ajmer+91-145-2627455
Eye HospitalNear Circuit House, Ajmer+91-145-2627735
District Ayurved HospitalNear Gurudwara, Ajmer+91-145-2420079
Psychiatric CentreNear Daulat Bagh, Ajmer+91-145-2425092


RGHS Hospital List Bikaner

Hospital NameLocationContact Information
PBM HospitalNear Junagarh Fort, Bikaner+91-151-2200666
SN Medical CollegeNear Junagarh Fort, Bikaner+91-151-2226333
Eye HospitalNear Lalgarh Palace, Bikaner+91-151-2528630
District HospitalNear Gandhi Nagar, Bikaner+91-151-2528752
TB and Chest Disease HospitalNear Gandhi Nagar, Bikaner+91-151-2529301
Ayurved HospitalNear Nagnechi Ji Temple, Bikaner+91-151-2227602
Mental HospitalNear Lalgarh Palace, Bikaner+91-151-2226866


RGHS Hospital List  SRI Ganganagar

Hospital NameLocationContact Information
District HospitalNear Maharaja Ganga Singh Circle, Sri Ganganagar+91-154-2443321
Mental HospitalNear Maharaja Ganga Singh Circle, Sri Ganganagar+91-154-2445034
Women’s HospitalNear Police Lines, Sri Ganganagar+91-154-2443444
Eye HospitalNear Hanuman Chowk, Sri Ganganagar+91-154-2443691
TB and Chest Disease HospitalNear Police Lines, Sri Ganganagar+91-154-2443390
Ayurved HospitalNear Hanuman Chowk, Sri Ganganagar+91-154-2460327
Jainarayan Vyas HospitalNear Bus Stand, Sri Ganganagar+91-154-2440045


Conclussion – RGHS Hospital List

In conclusion, we have Detailed the RGHS hospitals located in different districts of Rajasthan, including Jaipur, Jodhpur, Alwar, Sikar, Udaipur, Bharatpur, Ajmer, Bikaner, and Sri Ganganagar.

We hope this article will be helpful for people looking for healthcare services under the RGHS scheme in Rajasthan. As per my research, It is important to note that this list is not after some time updated you can visit the latest information government website.


( RGHS Hospital List Pdf)

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