Rite of The Shaman Movie Trailer Release Date

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Rite of The Shaman Movie Trailer Release Date. Kai is a deafeningly shy high school student who looks for his mother. Nature, as well as recollections of his late shaman grandfather, provide him with comfort. Kai becomes depressed and begins pushing his loved ones away as he tries to cope with the rigours of life at home and intimidation from a bully at school.

Rite of The Shaman Movie In the end, he must make a choice. Will he stay on his bleak road of negativity? Will Kai embrace his destiny and become the beacon of light he was born to be, guided by his grandfather’s wisdom? Rite of the Shaman is a film about everyday heroes that show how even modest acts of kindness can greatly influence people’s lives. 

Top Cast – Rite of The Shaman

  1. Tyrell Oberle – Character Name Kai Charat
  2. Janice Spencer-Wise – Character Name Rebekah
  3. Lauren Holdt- Character Name Aspen
  4. Kim Stone – Character Name Wendy
  5. Ethan Bracken – Character Name Bryan
  6. James H. Martin – Character Name Ronan
  7. James Morris- Character Name Mr Browning
  8. Timothy Peacock- Character Name Al
  9. Debbie Sainsbury – Character Name Mrs Shelley
  10. Samuel Alkema – Character NameDavid Leigh
  11. Jd Allen – Character Name Shaman Cernunnos
  12. Jessica Ashby – Character Name High School Student #13
  13. Colin Ball- Character Name High School Student #16
  14. Bryan Bernardi- Character Name Dillon
  15. Sara Crockett Bohmholdt- Character Name Cheyl Oster
  16. Will Bohmholdt- Character Name High School Student #11
  17. Melanie Browning- Character Name Shaman Morigan
  18. Kayli Brummer- Character NameShaman Amalthe
Rite of The Shaman
                                                                                       Rite of The Shaman

Who’s make Rite of The Shaman: Crew List Details

  • Director: Alicia Oberle Farmer
  • Screenwriters: Alicia Oberle Farmer
  • Screenwriters: Janice Spencer-Wise
  • Company Name: Purdie Distribution

Rite of The Shaman Movies Release Date USA

  • Rite of The Shaman Release on Friday, May 27, 2022