Salman Rushdie Books List

Salman Rushdie Books List
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Salman Rushdie, a well-known author of English, was attacked, but New York’s governor, Cathy Hochul, has stated that Rushdie is still alive. Officials are keeping an eye on his condition after the helicopter transfer to a secure location. He reportedly underwent surgery in the hospital, according to reports. Other details, though, have not yet been made public. On the spot, the suspect was taken into custody.

Salman Rushdie Books List

Rushdie, a 75-year-old Booker Prize winner who was born in Mumbai, was ready to start his talk during a gathering on Friday at the Chautauqua Institute in western New York when another man entered the room and assaulted and stabbed Rushdie. assaulted them Rushdie suffers from neck pain. At that time, he was being introduced to the program.

Below List of Books: Rushdie Books

1. Midnight’s Children: A BBC Between the Covers Big Jubilee Read Pick

Midnight's Children: A BBC Between the Covers Big Jubilee Read PickSalman Rushdie Books List

Saleem Sinai is a unique youngster who was born at the stroke of midnight on the precise day when India gained freedom. He is unprepared for the effects of this coincidental birth, however, as telepathic abilities link him to 1,000 other “midnight’s children” who are all endowed with peculiar talents. Saleem’s journey, which is inextricably linked to his country, is a tornado of failures and victories that reflects the history of contemporary India at its most impossible and beautiful.

2. The Moor’s Last Sigh

Salman Rushdie Books ListSalman Rushdie Books List

Moraes “Moor” Zogoiby is the last of a corrupt and mythical Cochin-based family of spice traders and crime lords. In addition, he is an expatriate and a compulsive storyteller. He recounts a complicated family story of crazed passions and raging family feuds, enormous matriarchs and their mesmerized progeny, early deaths, and curses that reach beyond death as we journey with him from India to Spain.

3. The Wizard of Oz (BFI Film Classics)


The Wizard of Oz (BFI Film Classics)Salman Rushdie Books List

The renowned MGM children’s classic The Wizard of Oz “was my very first literary influence,” writes Salman Rushdie in his essay about it. He had created a tale about a vivid dream realm called “Over the Rainbow” when he was ten years old. Rushdie, though, views The Wizard of Oz as more than just a dream and a movie for kids. It is a tale in which “the weakness of grown-ups compels youngsters to take control of their own futures” due to the inadequacies of adults. Moreover, Rushdie disagrees with the widely held belief that the fantasy of escaping reality ends with a soothing return to one’s own, sweet home. Instead, it is a movie that talks about exiles.

4. Hijos de la medianoche (Spanish Edition)


Hijos de la medianoche (Spanish Edition)Salman Rushdie Books List

Esta es la historia de Saleem Sinai, nacido en Bombay al filo de la medianoche del 15 de agosto de 1947, en el momento mismo en que la India, entre fuegos artificiales y multitudes, alcanza su independencia. El destino de Saleem queda inexorablemente unido al de su país, y sus peripecias personales reflejarán siempre la evolución política de la India o serán reflejadas por ella. Hijos de la medianoche es una asombrosa novela que combina magistralmente magia y humor, compromiso político, fantasía y humanidad.

5. Harún y el Mar de las Historias (Spanish Edition)


Harún y el Mar de las Historias (Spanish Edition)Salman Rushdie Books List

Rashid Khalifa es el mejor fabulador del mundo. Sus mágicas historias llevan la alegría al triste país de Alifbay. Pero un día sucede algo terrible y se le agotan las historias. De la noche a la mañana, el Océano de la Fantasía se ha convertido en el Sha del Blablablá. El hijo de Rashid Khalifa, Harún, decide ayudarle a recuperar su don. A lomos de la Abubilla, viaja al Mar de las Historias, un lugar maravilloso donde se originan las historias. De esta manera da comienzo una aventura fabulosa por los reinos de la fantasía.

6. A Division Of The Spoils (The Raj Quartet Book 4)


A Division Of The Spoils (The Raj Quartet Book 4)Salman Rushdie Books List

The British Raj is nearing the end in India. However, the fall of the Empire marks the end of one period and the start of a new one. The political situation portends inevitable post-war accusations and upcoming territorial disputes between Hindus and Muslims.

These final days are an opportunity for historian and field sergeant Guy Perron to consider the legacy the British have left behind in India. And in the midst of one of the most violent moments of social transformation the world has ever seen, decisions concerning the future of the British families still living in India must be made, as must heartfelt farewells.

Book Title: Salman Rushdie Books List

  • East, West
  • Fury
  • Grimus
  • Haroun and Luka
  • Haroun and the Sea of Stories
  • Imaginary Homelands
  • Joseph Anton
  • Luka and the Fire of Life
  • Midnight’s Children
  • Shalimar the Clown
  • Shame
  • Step Across This Line
  • The Enchantress of Florence
  • The Jaguar Smile
  • The Moor’s Last Sigh
  • The Satanic Verses
  • The Wizard of Oz

About Salman Rushdie

Grimus, Midnight’s Children, Shame, The Satanic Verses, The Moor’s Last Sigh, The Ground Beneath Her Feet, Fury, and Shalimar the Clown are only a few of the works written by Sir Salman Rushdie. The Jaguar Smile, Imaginary Homelands, The Wizard of Oz, and The Vintage Book of Short Stories, which he co-edited, are among the nonfiction books he has also written.

About Salman Rushdie

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Salman Rushdie Books List